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Privacy Policy

 At Ganepress, the privacy of our customers/clients is extremely important to us and we respect your privacy, that is our priority. And as a result of that we have created this information disclosure.

Generally, our customer’s personal information will only be disclosed to our owners, partners, contractors, affiliates, service providers, business associates, or to any agents acting on our behalf or on request.

Log files

We use log files like most other websites gathering information for so many reasons, to provide better service to our customers, to understand their needs, to communicate with our prospective customers regards to our services and their needs, to provide a better website, products and good services; and to the third party services.

The hosting provider for this Internet site (ISP) has the ability to record various information, including domain name, pages accessed, date and time of access, web browser type and computer operating system, referring and exit page information, and to disclose this information. This is most commonly done by providing access to raw server logs. All of this information is not linked to anything that is personal identifiable. For more information you should perform an Internet search on 'server logs' or 'raw server logs.

Cookies and Tracking

Cookies may be used to keep track of referred affiliate commissions and visitors to monitor access to our website or record of specific users’ information on page visit. Your consent to any future use of cookies for testing purposes and the use of cookies for publicly available data to gather statistics for the purpose of determining which search engines, referring sites, key words, etc., bring visitors to our website, which pages visitors are most interested in, what web browsers are used, etc. Various providers may be used for this purpose. The purpose is to obtain information that will help promote the website, make the website more interesting and useful to visitors, and to identify areas where improvement is needed.

Our website does not respond to “do not track” requests from a web browser or other device, or other similar requests or procedures.

Additionally, various third party information suppliers and other entities that provide information for this website, or for use by us, may use cookies. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to billing providers, third party advertisers, and third party resources we promote.

We may also allow third party advertisers to display ads on our website.  We are not in a position to know if they collect identifiable information about an individual consumer’s online activities over time and across different websites, so you should assume they do.  In most web browsers you can choose not to accept or turn off cookies in your browser setting from third party sites or third-party cookies. Disable or deleting cookies does not permanently guarantee that your next visit on the site will not add new cookies unless you have setting that automatically disallow cookies.

Use of Contact Information and Email Addresses

The most importantly of our service is ability to provide information to our customers. As a result, our customers, viewers or subscribers can expressly have consent to receiving communication from us by subscribe to our blog or newsletter email, text, message, or by any other means of delivery method.

Therefore, as a customer, visitor, subscriber, you are agree to receive any information about the service on our website or product being render or purchased by you on this site. This may include, and not limit to any information of our product or service updates, or other information we believe that you may be interesting.


We may also send you information regards to our newsletters, news updates on our blog, products and services offers in our company or on website.

To view and access this website, YOU MUST BE AT LEAST OF 18 YEARS OLD. WE ARE NOT DIRECT THIS WEBSITE PAGE TO ANY PERSON BELOW AGE OF 18, rather do we receive any personal information from children below the 18 years.

 Identification of Purchasers

If you purchase one of our products or services from our site, you authorize us to use your name and identification information in advertising or promotions.

We also use personal information in an aggregate form (i.e. not individually attributable to you) for business analysis, operational, marketing and other promotional purposes.

Policy Changes

These policies may be amended by us at any time and without notice, but will be posted at this page for your view.

You also agree that your continued use of our websites, products or services after that date will constitute your consent and acceptance of the amendment.

Effective this Date: October, 2014.

Privacy Policy Provided By Ganepress




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