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6 Places You Can Do Niche Research And Find Out HOT Products Selling Online

6 Places To Do Niche Research And Find Out What Products is Hot Selling Online

Whenever I go to the forums and see beginners asking if there's any genuine ways one can make money online, I shake my head in disbelief. And I come to think that there’s need to discuss on this topic and look into ways anyone can make money online, know how to do the research on the best niche and what’s hot that is the best selling online.

Though there are so many transparent shopping platforms online that actually SHOW you the sales being made and the reviews from the various customers that buy those products in such way anyone not to doubt that it's impossible to say there's no money to be made online.


In this lesson, I'll reveal to you the BEST 6 places that not only show you what niches are profitable, but what products are currently hot selling online right now.

 Let’s get started;

 Niche Research Tool #1 - Amazon

Amazon is an amazing resource for finding niche markets you’d never have thought about.

To get started with the Amazon tool Niche Research entering the steps.

 Step 1. In the search drop-down select books and hit “GO.

 Step 2. In the left-hand navigation column, you'll notice all the different book topics. Pick one that interests you. Now, you'll notice a new set of topics in the left-hand column. Pick one.

 Step 3. Check reviews. Reviews indicate a market that's involved and active, which is what we're looking for. Look for larger numbers.

 Step 4. Next, take a look at the titles. These are all possible sub-niches.

 Step 5. Next, take a look at the sales ranking of these titles.


This can be found by clicking on the book cover and moving down the page to the section title Product Details. The lower the number, the higher the sales for such particular items

Tip! Use Bestsellers –

Niche Research Tool #2 - eBay

eBay gives good insight to into what is selling right now and what’s really hot in the market that people are looking for.

To get the tool for eBay, under the category drop-down menu, select the niche you are interested in and look at the results that appear.

 You will find the top 10 most popular searches for that category and the top 5 largest stores for that category.

 Look at the keywords that you see for your niche and use the drop-down menu to go deeper into your niche.

Make a list of good keywords related to your niche market.

 Go to eBay Pulse for finding hot niches. 


Niche Research Tool #3 - ClickBank Marketplace

Clickbank is one of the best marketplaces to make money selling various products online through affiliates. The reason this is so cool is that there are numerous kinds of all information products such, like ebooks that can be downloadable in Portable Digital File (PDF) and audio or videos download.

 Visit the Clickbank “Marketplace” and do a search with your Niche Keywords.

 Look for Affiliate Products? Reason for this, is that some of these are all information products, like ebooks, audio or video etc.

If there is a product or even better, several products in the niche you’re interested in listed here, you know that there are people buying some of these products in this niche on the Internet…

To get started with Clickbank;

Step 1. Go to and search the marketplace for Affiliate Products in your Niche of Interest.Step 2. Type in related Keywords in Find Products search bar

 Step 3. Research Affiliate Products offered 


Niche Research Tool #4 - Dummies

 Dummies is probably one of my most favorite places to search for a Profitable Niche.

If has a book written on a niche, it means they have identified a problem and offering a solution. (They have researched the niche.)

The Dummies Company has made creating niche products an art form in its own right.

Search through their titles in general niches that interest you and jot down potential eBook topics.

One thing you will notice by using these places to search for profitable Niches is the fact that they have already paid for the research to be done in the Niches they cover.

There is no need for you to pay for research to be done when it has already been done and paid for already.


Niche Research Tool #5 - Article Directories

The key when visiting this kind of site is to just make a huge list of potential topics, and then when you’re done go and research.

If there are people searching for information on the subject, (at least five thousand a month) you’ve just found a niche topic that could turn into a very lucrative home-based business.

One more thing you can use the Article directory for is researching the competition and finding possible JV partners. 

In the resources of each article you will usually find a link that direct to a website. 

Go check out the website and see if they are list building.

Usually you will find that those that know what they are doing will be using articles to direct back to a site where they will have a squeeze page set up ready to collect your name and email.

Write this person down and their contact information as a possible JV partner to help you launch your products.

You should even sign up for the list so you can check out what kind of follow up series they have, what kind of products they offer, etc.

Always be looking for ways to identify what is going on in your market.


Niche Research Tool #6 - Yahoo Answers

Here is the process for researching: 

Step 1. Type in a keyword related to the industry you are searching for. Let use the words “Job Loss”

Step 2. Create a list of all the questions people are asking within that topic. Example of a question asked maybe, “How to find a new job and find a better job security?”

Step 3. Probe to find the hot button (people search for a how but behind all of this there is a “why” …why does this person want to find a new job with a better job security?)

 Possibly because they are losing their jobs or have already lost their job (in most cases) and are looking for assistance in finding a new one.

Step 4. Next formulate a campaign from your findings. An example of a solution you could offer would be of help in writing resumes if that is your strong suit or you have access to affiliate products on writing resumes if you don’t want to create the product.

You could also, train on how to prepare and handle a job interview. This would be a great follow up product to teaching on how to write resumes. Always be looking and thinking about what comes next.

Step 5. Make money leveraging new avenues. A great way for you to leverage the internet here would be to introduce this person into the make money from home Niche.

How this person that they don’t need to go out looking for a job because there are opportunities for them to learn how to start up and run their very own online business from their home.

Hopefully you get this idea to find what’s hot that’s selling online and to find good niche to make money online which you can also use for your blog or whatever products you want to go into on your online business.


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