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How to Verify Your Domain With Cloudflare In Google Search Console

How to Verify Your Domain With Cloudflare In Google Search Console

If you have your Domain Name Server (DNS) pointing and configure with Cloudflare, you are in the right place to have good high speed performance of your website and to protect the website from being hack or attack which will also allow the use of free Secure Sockets Layer security (SSL certificate) that make your website connection encrypted.

If you want to understand how your website performing in Google’s organic search result, know how traffic is coming and how visitors interact with your websites, look no further than Google search console, and that’s exactly it does.

Google Search console let you do many things which includes;

>> Know how your website performing in Google Search,

>> View of any issue and errors that are impacting with your website or that occurred in search result

>> To know how Googlebot crawled your website in Search Engine and if indexed properly or not and to know how people visiting Google Search to discover your website.

>> To determine if the search engine enhancement like structured data, AMP, or other result have been properly indexed by Google.

>> To discover if your website is ranked and how know which of the site, posts, or titles that performing best on each of your website.

>> To determine and examine if website is mobile Optimized or desktop view by visitors.
>> And many more etc.

Google recommends verifying all versions of a website -- http, https, www, and non-www -- in order to get the most comprehensive view of your site in Google Search Console

To set up your domain or subdomain you will need to have access to DNS and in this post we are sharing how anyone can set up for website with Clouldflare .

We use Clouldflare CDN and we have done it for many of our clients but it works very perfectly on any website. Using Clouldflare  is very interesting and it’s free, though there are pay option available in the Clouldflare but it is advisable to use free and can be integrates with any kind of websites.

If you plan on using both Cloudflare and Google Search Console, you will need to verify your domain with Google Search Console and to get started, you will need to follow the steps guide below;

How to Set-Up A Domain If Using Cloudflare In Google Search Console

Here in this step included picture for view guided you through the step to configure.

To set up domain using Cloudlare in Google Console follow the guide below;


In your browser visit Google Search Console and click on Start Now and you will be presented to the screenshot where you will enter your domain as show below;

Step 2.
Then after input your domain, click on “Continue

Step 3 Once Click on Continue in Under step 2, you will see pop-up to this screenshot below to copy the Google Console verification code.

Then select the Copy button to copy the Google site verification code.

Step 4
In your Browser, open new tab or new window and Go to Cloudflare 

Step 5. Sign-up or Login to the Cloudflare, if you already have account with them then login.

Step 6. In your Clouldflare account, you will see this screenshot below and Click on your Active domain you working with.

Step 7 Once click on your active domain you want to work with then will directed you to screenshot below;

Step 8 Select DNS from the menu as show below;

Step 9. Select +Add record button to locate TXT  as show below;

In side, +Add record you find and select TXT
And once select the you'll do the following below;

>> Set the Type to TXT
>> In the Name field, enter "@"
>> Set TTL to Auto
>> In the content field you will paste the site verification code you copied earlier from Google Console
>> After then click on Save button
  • Just ensure it is save and after move over to the Google Console

Step 10. Return to Google Console and then this time Select Verify

Step 11. After Select "Verify" it will prompted to screenshot below;
Click to Go to Property

Step 12. Now you will be directed immediately to Google Search Console page and to start to using.

If you are using Cloudflare you will have a lot of benefits to derive with every details surrounding about your domain and sites operations. Likewise setting up domain verification in Google Search Console also provides lots of benefits.

Hopefully now you known how to verify your domain in Google Search Console with Cloudflare 

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