Friday, April 03, 2020

WhatsApp Will Support for Using Same Account Login on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp Will Support for Using Same Account Login on Multi-Devices

WhatsApp as used widely by millions across the globe will still emerge soon to some useful features according to details found in the latest beta version.

WhatsApp working on option that supporting the use of same account login simultaneously on multiple devices.
Using the same number account of WhatsApp on two devices simultaneously sounds like a dream. While competitors like Telegram offers the feature using the same account in parallel on multiple devices, but WhatsApp works on a single device at a time. The features that support login on multiple device coming soon and was discovered in WhatsApp Beta v2.20.110.

For WhatsApp, there have been indications for some time that it should be possible to use an account on several devices in parallel in the future – and also apart from the WhatsApp Web solution, in which we can only access the messages received on the smartphone, while maintaining the connection with it. Now the function that many users want for years could actually be available soon.

For the first time, there were rumors about the use of multiple devices including tablets and laptops. In particular, for the iPad from Apple, a separate application from WhatsApp could be in development. This means that the smartphone does not have to be connected to the internet in parallel.

WhatsApp is bringing improvements in every updates. When a user adds contact to his WhatsApp account with same number on another device, the encryption key changes, and this event will be notified in the chat, but being under development, these changes are not yet visible publicly.

Currently WhatsApp is working on this new feature that will allow users to use same account number of WhatsApp on different devices at same time, so user will able to use their account on main Android phone and tablet.

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