Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Valentine's Day With Facebook Messenger

Here’s How You Can Celebrate Your Valentine's Day With Facebook Messenger

Are you planning to surprise your partner on this Valentine’s Day?  Make your relationship status official on Facebook Messenger. Messenger is a special place to connect and share with the people that most important to you, whether making a date, night plans with your partner, or arranging a girl’s night out with your closest friends, or group video chat to catch up with your loves ones and family. 

Starting from Wednesday today, there is fun and delightful feature just in time for Valentine Day. If you newly indicate you’re in a romantic relationship on Facebook official, a Messenger notification will open to their conversation with the loved one with a shower of "heart" across the screen.

Messenger would also invite the couple to customize their text colour, emoji, as well as the nickname in case you want to switch things up even more. Your custom emoji (in the lower right hand corner) will be, so expressing your love will be fast and easy.
Your loved one will also be the first person to appear on the Active tab and the "heart eyes emoji" will be made your custom emoji so you can easily see when they’re available to chat.

"In the spirit of feeling all the feelings, we thought it would be timely to share how people in the Messenger community express their love and adoration. We can’t wait to hear what you think of this new feature. Valentine’s Day may be a perfect time to finally make it “FB official”!

We found that emojis are the new love language that people share over 2 billion emojis every day on Messenger to communicate.


Men and women actually express their love using emojis pretty similarly! For example, the popular emoji image for both men and women were used to expressing their love to their friends and family.

For those who like to personalize their chats, red love emoji symbol is the most popular chat color that people like to custom.

And to no surprise, Facebook Messenger continues to be placing this emojis where people come to connect and share when they’re feeling the love. Valentine’s Day was one of the most popular and active days on Messenger this can be best express.

In addition, if you’re planning to send someone a love note today’s Valentine’s Day, make it special this year with a variety of fun filters and effects in the Messenger Camera. All of these festive filters and effects are also available in Messenger video chat!  Try out the heart eyes filter (open your mouth and you’ll see a fun animation),

More so, you can add some festive flair with a falling candy heart effect, or channel your inner royalty with the Queen of Hearts filter. The Messenger Camera is one tap or swipe away whether you’re already in a conversation or you’ve just opened the app.  You can call a loved one by starting or opening a one-on-one or group chat and tap the video icon in the top right corner and then tap the star icon to access all of the fun filters and effects to make this Valentine’s Day a special on Messenger.

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