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8 Places You Should Never Use Your Debit or Credit Card

8 Places You Should Never Use Your Debit or Credit Card

Today’s cashless traditions policy has help reduced carry of heavy cash about for transactions on all of our purchases, and given chances for the use of debit and credit cards for payment around the world.

A lot of people stick with use of debit and credit card, and that it will help limits their spending to avoid heavy carry of cash around. But with the use of these cards also gives exposure to fraudulent. Come to think, if thieves get hold of your debit card or debit card number, they will gain access to your entire money in your bank account.

Actually, the uses of these cards are riskier than carrying cash. But if you want to use a debit/credit card, you have to limit the use by setting up separate accounts. Putting all your enough cash in accounts with use of debit or credit cards could put all your entire money in the accounts at risk.

Today, many debit/credit cards users experienced various kinds of bank charges, thefts, scammers and fraudulent of someone removing money from their account unknowingly even without the use of their debit or credit cards. This simply means, in carry your credit and debit cards, here are some common hotspots for fraud, places and situations where you should avoid and never to use your debit and credit whenever possible.

1. Online Shopping On Unsecured Sites

It is obvious that many of us are guilty of giving up using our debit card numbers online without checking up the authenticity of the website. If you want to shop online using your cards information and your identity, you must to check whether the site is secure before entering your debit cards numbers. How do you know the secure and unsecured sites? 

Every secure website do have green lock icon at the beginning of the web bar address on your browser. If you check at the beginning of your web bar address, you will notice some websites written with HTTS:// (Hyper text transport protocol secure), mean such websites is properly secure and managed by a security protocol and has typically certificate SSL known as Secure Sockets Layer. This is to say that any communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. 

When you discover such website on any online shopping that are written for instance as then you are safe to use your debit card numbers for purchases and any of information enter are protected. 

So any time you want to use your cards online, should know that sites with http:// (hyper text transport protocol) without s-secure were not a place safe for you to use any of your debit cards. 

2. Gas Pump Station

The gas station is usually a targets place for debit card skimming devices that can sit there for a month without anyone noticing. It can expose your account to fraudulent. Some of this device use may not be noticeable to average customers but it is easy to retrieve and install in a matter of a minutes. 

Criminal are getting advance daily, so using debit/credit cards at point of sales devices or ATM machine for purchases at gas pumps station without any proper observation can put your account at risk. When information are link out, all your account information will be exposed and could make you lost your entire cash in no time.

3. Restaurants

Restaurant is a place you should avoid using debit card for payment. Possible holds are not only reason to pause before using your debit card. But within a few minutes you let down your debit card out of your sight for payment, it could be easily run through an illegal handheld device that can compromised your information.

Fortunate, some restaurant adopting the tableside payment system whereby food payment are listed beside your table in which the waiting staff will brings the restaurant’s card device for you to slot and pay for the meal. Of course, identity theft scenario is possible in the restaurant. 

When next you’re dining out, stop and think what could happen if you hand over your debit card for payment. Take a good look at the machine, or card reader you want to use for payment. Does the machine fit together well, or does something look wrong or different, and make sure it is not tempered with before decide using your debit card for payment.

4. Outdoor ATM Post

Using ATMs in the open space or on the road sidewalk need an extra careful. When to use your debit/credit card either for payment, withdraw or for direct saving to your account, you should at least be sure that your PIN pad is well cover while entering your information because you never can tell who’s lurking behind you.  It is not everybody at the ATMs are there for transactions purpose, some are there to eavesdrop on people information while entering the PIN numbers. 

You need to be observers, if there’s a hiding camera install nearby watching you at your back when using an outdoor ATM station at your walkway or open space at the corner store. These locations are the thoughts for hidden skimmer devices including fast-food, and stores.

5. For Subscription

 Any time you sign up for a free trial, or some subscription that requires you entering your debit card information online, or other subscription like paying for bills, taxes, decoder subscriptions that charges you monthly or annually, do not use a debit card.
Though, if you use your debit card for some of these bills, decoder payment subscription, if cancel or fails, it is a lot easy getting your money back. Let’s say you in-put your credit or debit card information on such free subscription, either on monthly or annually, but it charges you anyway. 

If you trend to be forgetful that you set a reminder for such subscription, bills to renew and money automatically charge from your debit or credit card for recurring. It could be a dangerous because money can easy be scam in your account even before you realize it.

6. Independent ATM 

Using an Independent ATM, can make you run the risk of skimmers. Avoiding using your credit or debit card at independent ATM because skimmers can be found on bank ATMs, they are often using security cameras in places. So be careful! 

7. At Supermarket

These days, many debit cards users now cultivate the idea of making payment at the supermarket with their debit cards due to cashless traditions.

The very target places for crime attempt are supermarkets, and information can easily be link out. The device can be compromise and easily perpetrated by a crook dressed in the counterfeit uniform of the technology company that does a regular routine maintenance on the credit/debit card reader device as a business.

8. On Mobile or PC Application

Watch out for those app and pop-up that appear on your computer and phone screen that ask for credit card information, or debit card to pay outside the official program or app stores. 

For instance, you have a virus and ask you to deposit some money to buy or get it downloaded, or saying your files have be encrypted and can be unlocked for a certain price, or on your mobile phone you receive an message telling you that your account will be block to renew bank verification number and call to send your balance details. Probably you might have be seen all these kind of threat before, but it is obvious that many people still fall for these traps. 

Avoid using your debit or credit card information for these computer and mobile apps. They always using this trick to penetrate and steal your entire money in your account once your information is link out. Watch out for these tricks, be cautious and beware!

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