Friday, December 15, 2017

WhatsApp Latest Update Adds Exciting New Features

Facebook-owned social messenger known as WhatsApp keeps adding new update with new exciting features to its mobile app. The company has started rolling out some new exciting feature on mobile version which will make head-way to all the million users of the app.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp reported to release new updates and some of these new features to become part of the stable version of App to mobile users and WhatsApp Web version now available.

The new update include features like Picture-in-Picture mode, live location sharing, shake to make report, and also a setting to help administrator restricted group members from sending text message and to help block members or individual that keep sending unsuitable or forbidden content to everyone in the group, and other feature with option to let users privately reply to a message they received in a group.

WhatsApp with Some of these New Features are;

1. Picture In Picture (PIP) Mode: WhatsApp update feature picture in picture mode which enables WhatsApp users to multitasking while making a video call. The app now has a new icon that will prompt the users when taking a video calls. For instance, if one taking a video call and you tap to selecting the icon, a picture in picture mode will start and the video shrinks down to a floating window into background. The users can also resize the video call, get the video pause while audio continue and still go back to text conversation or do other stuff.

This floating video can be moved around, enlarges but shows only in snaps to the screen's edges and if you swipe it down, it will be dismissed. If you have new version of WhatsApp this will be enable on your device.

2. Live Location Sharing

One of the WhatsApp new update feature is sharing live location with one another in a chat or in a group chat. With WhatsApp you can share your new live location with a person or group chat you belong. This information is very interesting because if you have an event with a friend or you’re away to somewhere and you want to describe a place to your friend, you can use this tool to share live locations to share to them on WhatsApp.

To enable this feature on your update WhatsApp, open the individual chat or group chat, then go to attach button under “Location” and select “Sharing Live Location” there  you can decide a time, how long you will share your location. Once you’re done, everyone in the chat will start to see your location on the map. Remember that this feature work on individual chat or if you are in the group people in the group will see location you’re sharing also. Multiple people in the group can as well share their live location and it will appear on map.

3. Private replies in the groups

With this new feature users can now reply with a private message in a group chat. Unlike before that one will go to add number of a friend meet in the group to chat with one-to-one, but now a person in the group will get a message option--like “reply, reply privately, or forward message, or star message etc, to a particular member in the group chat without leaving group chat and other person in the group will not able to see.

4. New Invite Via Link

This feature is available now to inviting via link. Though this feature is already available to iOS users but will now make it to all Android platform and also allowing group administrator to use this feature to invite a certain member or individual on their contact list to join a particular group.

5. Camera Night Mode

WhatsApp new updates also feature “Night Mode Camera” though this feature is within the iOS app version and it is expected to feature on other Android device soon. This feature is as a result to help users have better shoot photo in dark and the option to turn on Night Mode appear when a low light is detected in an environment. The Night Mode Camera icon appears in the top right corner as a white moon and when tap to activate it, it will turns to yellow. Try to observe this feature and if not function yet on your device, mean you need to update your WhatsApp version to get this feature appear on your devices.

6. Enable “Pin Conversation

This feature on now offer WhatsApp users ability pin conversations both for individual and group chat. The good part about this feature is that it helps when one has a lot of message from different contacts and to keep an eye on your important messages or favourite contact to appear at the top of your list, pin conversation is useful for them.

To display Pin Conversation button on your chat window, simply long press on the message you want to pin, and then press the pin symbol to set it. This has limitation but you can only pin 3 conversations. 

7. Delete and Edit Sent WhatsApp Messages  

This is another update feature on WhatsApp which now allow users to delete and edit already sent messages. I think this is possible if the message has not reach the recipient or either receiver read the message yet but the feature is enable on WhatsApp now to allow users delete and edit sent message.   

8. Tap to unblock user

This new build feature provide an option where users can unblock anyone that annoys you, or person who send unpleasant content to you and that have already been blocked, can be unblock by simply tapping and holding any contact name and select unblock to start sending a message.

9. Shake to Report

This is an interesting feature that allows users to report any problem facing by simple shake the device and the “Contact Us” section will be open. With this new feature, WhatsApp have decide to do away with such a lengthy procedure making this very simple to make a report or queries to them by shake to report.

This feature is unlike previous WhatsApp you installed on your device that one will search through your settings menu to reach up to the “contacts us” button and then report the problem you were facing.  Once you have downloading the latest updates and installing new app on your device, you will have the Shake to Report feature in your WhatsApp and in order to report any issues, all you have to do is shake your phone and it will directly take you to the “Contact us section”  where you can report your queries.

More so, if you’re a regular observers on these updates, you will always discover some of these features and if it is not enable yet on version of your own WhatsApp, you need to update and install a new version. If already install and still not function yet, you need to give sometimes to allow these updates feature circulate on your devices.

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