Thursday, December 21, 2017

Facebook to Use Face Recognition Technology to Detects Users Uploaded Photos

Facebook starts to introduce using facial recognition technology to users on Facebook network when uploaded their photos to help people manage their identity when uploaded their profile picture.

The new tools feature will help identify and also to suggest friends whom users may not want to tag themselves in photos or video, and to help find photos that you are not tagged in and to detected when others might be using your images as their own profile pictures.

The face recognition will enable users to know who is in the photos they encounter on Facebook and making it optional to allow people to protect their privacy, that some people would want to be notified of picture when someone they might not know make use of them.
On this new feature, people will able to easily manage face recognition through their setting with the tools “on/off control to get notification from Facebook, if photos of them have been uploaded by others. If the tag suggestion setting is currently set to “None” then your default face recognition setting will be set to “Off” and, it will remain until the users decide to change it. This will be the straight forward way of controlling facial recognition technology by the users.

Facebook Face Recognition help detects;

1. When You Appear in Photos on Facebook

When one appear in photos on Facebook apart from audience, if your setting default control to “On” the users will be notify even if such have not be tag. The users will be in control of image on Facebook and can make a choice to decide such as whether to be tag or untagged, or reach to the person that posted the photo, if you have any concern about it.

Facebook want to respect users privacy setting that people select whenever posting a photo on Facebook when choosing their setting whether “friends, public or custom audience” and users who selection is not in audience will not receive a notification.
Facebook to Use Face Recognition Technology to Detects Users Uploaded Photos

2. Control Your Profile Picture

Facebook new tool feature make users to have confident and safety to when they post picture on their profile. If anyone uploaded their profile picture for other use, face recognition will detect and the owner will be notify when someone else uploading their photo as their profile picture. This is to prevent people from impersonating others on Facebook.

Facial recognition technology has been a part of Facebook since 2010, when the social network began to offering suggestions for whom to tag in a photo. And this tool has helped to bring people close together on Facebook to identify friends and tagging one another.

Technology companies are putting in place a variety of functions using facial recognition technology, despite fears about how the facial data could be used. According to Facebook, our technology will analyzes the pixels in photos users already tagged in and generates a string of numbers we call a template. When photos and videos are uploaded to our systems, we compare those images to the template.

For those who have opted in, Facebook creates what it calls a template of a person’s face by analyzing pixels from photos where the person is already tagged. It then compares newly uploaded images to the template. Facebook deletes the template of anyone who then opts out, Rob Sherman, Facebook’s deputy chief privacy officer, said in statement.

Facebook also plans to use facial recognition technology to notify users if someone else uploads a photo of them as their profile picture, which may help to reduce impersonations, as well as in software that describes photos in words for people who have vision loss, so that they can tell who is in a photos.

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