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Showing posts from December, 2017

Twitter Start to Penalize Abusive Accounts to Remove Hateful Content

Twitter announced an intention to start penalizing abusive account to eradicate hateful content on its platform. The company reviewed the new guidelines when updating its rules that clarifying its policies on graphic violence self-harm and spam covering abusive behavour, hateful conduct and content relating to spam.

Google Rolling Out Android Oreo 8.1 With New Features

Google Android who has become the most famous in smartphones Operating System has started rolling out Android 8.1 device to Nexus and Pixel hardware. This devices Android Operating system has now been fully covered in the market now. 

Android Oreo was the latest update from the company which is version numbered 8.0. But the company has already been declared that the latest Android version 8.1 Oreo will soon be available for Google Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Facebook New Tools to Prevent Harassment

Facebook Inc, introduced new tools in its network platform to enable user prevent any harassment in Facebook Messenger as part of the effort to build fair and safe community. The new tool was introduced due to feedback reported from users, organization representing and groups that excessively experience harassment.

Facebook: Fighting Engagement Bait That Takes Advantage of News Feed

The giant social media network Facebook continue to introduced new improvement to their platform and has declared to start going against any enticement posts that distracting and encourage users on their social network messenger with likes, share, comments post and other action like spammy method on Facebook.

Facebook to Use Face Recognition Technology to Detects Users Uploaded Photos

Facebook starts to introduce using facial recognition technology to users on Facebook network when uploaded their photos to help people manage their identity when uploaded their profile picture.

WhatsApp Latest Update Adds Exciting New Features

Facebook-owned social messenger known as WhatsApp keeps adding new update with new exciting features to its mobile app. The company has started rolling out some new exciting feature on mobile version which will make head-way to all the million users of the app.

Facebook Introducing Messenger Kids App For Children

Facebook introducing new Messenger Kids App that is specifically meant for children from ages 6 through 12 to makes it easier for kids to safely send messages with video chat whenever they arewith their family and friends.





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