Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to Use Facebook Call to Action Button to Engage Visitors

How to Use Facebook Call to Action Button to Engage Visitors

Good business owners who have been using Facebook, Twitter and other social media to promotes their businesses for years would have know the advantage of “Call-to-Action” to allow people make decision and attempt to buy whatever goods and services you are promoting or make sales on their website.

Facebook is feature with Call-to-Action button which will redirect page visitors to any destination whether on or off Facebook to buy the goods and services rendered, or redirect to website and make sales. It is no surprise that Facebook call-to-action button has been getting a lot of attention because some of the business owners have been using it to redirect their page visitors to their website.

Facebook CTA is totally free to use, and there is opportunity to learn how to use it well because is an avenue to interact directly with your audience and make sales with your Facebook page. The implementation of this tool is not difficult but easy, compared to those expensive third-party tools used. Facebook CTA feature button is fast procedure to get engagement you need on your page.

The advantage of using call-to-action button is that it is independent, which mean no matter where your Facebook fans page come from whether from a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the same call-to-action will show to them and link to your viewers to interact with your website in the same way.

The Call-to-Action button feature is also adjustable and can be use to grow your mailing list and reach out to more new customers. If that your goal is to increases your sales, you can link the button to website and whosoever click from the call-to-action button will be directed to your website.

More so, if you have a new product that you want people to aware or want to make quick sales, or you have a store page where Facebook visitors can go, then “Call-to-Action” button is useful and can be link to that page.

If you have not yet set-up Call-to-Action button on your Facebook page, you better make haste to start doing so immediately. It is easy to set up, free to use.

How to Set-Up Or Add Call-to-Action Button

If you haven’t added any call-to-action button before on your Facebook page, you can locate it at the right side of your page show in blue “+ Add A Button”.

Now just make your selection among different button listed and type in the URL where you want it to redirect to. And if your website has a separate mobile URL, you can enter those URL address in the field. You need to click on drop arrow to see more option call to action button to use.

Currently “Call-to-Action” button available on Facebook which you can choose are listed below;

  1. Under “Book Service” option

Book Now

Start Order

Under "Get in Touch"

Call Now

 Contact Us

Send Message

Sign UP

Get Quote

Shop Now

Send Email

Play Game

You can tap option to see more information. Whatever button you choose from the list require your URL and you can use URL you want from sign-up for email or website redirect for Contact Us or Shop Now for your new products and services.

There’s opportunity to do experiment with different kinds of “Call-to-Action button until you familiar or find the one that work best for you. Also, Facebook CTA button can be track once it is created. You can track the number of people who clicked through the button even within 7 days through the Facebook internal statistic Insights tab, or using your own external analytics tool from (Google Analytics). This will enable you know how your visitors engaging and interact with your page.

Hopefully by now you might have understand the important of using "call-to-action" and if you are not using this great tool yet, then it is time to get started. 

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