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6 Tools for Publishing Content to Multiple Social Media

6 Tools for Publishing Content to Multiple Social Media

The presence of social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social network has made businesses goes around the world and successful today. Some of these platforms are the success behind many entrepreneurs in helping bring their businesses in reaching the world.

This social network is still needed to leads and increases traffic to website if they are properly well manage.

Many entrepreneur, internet/marketers and bloggers do publish their content to social network manually which is the waste of time and stressful. Today, technologies has improved to bring these powerful tools in helping publishers post contents to all social networking at anytime, and in a more convenient way.

Having a presence of these tools helps to publish post to all social multiple media accounts and manage them with a single dashboard. These tools help to save time in publishing content in a convenience and become more productive.

1. is one of the easiest and smart social media automation tools that can be use in publishing content to all social networks in a single set-up. It is used and trusted by many publishers and marketer in publishing content. If you connect your RSS feeds to your social media profile on the tool once you sign-up, it will automatically share all your new posts, content and images to all your friends on social media.

Features: It can generate a link on any posts you publish on any social network, tracking content and messages, schedule posts and uploading images.


Hootsuite is one of the best-known tools that can also be used to manage all your social media network accounts in a very simple and effective way. Hoosuite allow user to add three social media account when sign-up for free account but on paid account you can add unlimited multiple social network account which depend on your subscriptions plan. On Hootsuite, you can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. But free account only allow three social media.

It allows for collaboration on execution of campaigns across the various social networks all from a single dashboard. Once any social account is link to Hoosuite, whatever content or posts publish from your website is automatically share through RSS feeds to Hootsuite and it will be publish immediately to link social media by Hootsuite.

It has web based version of Chrome extension and also available for mobile app for Android smartphone and on version iOS.

Features: It generate link on any content you post, allow uploading bulk images, posts scheduling, tracking, video and real-time analytics.


Buffer is simple and easy publishing tool use in scheduling any content across social media. It is slight different from Hootsuite because only three social media can be use on Hootsuite with free account while Buffer can allow more than three social network on sign-up. You can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and allow Pinterest 7 day trials before subscriptions as the time of writing this post.

It generate link for any content publish to social network and also offers an option of automatic posting, which determines when to post based on certain variables such as engagement of your audience.

Buffer is good for scheduling posts, which allows you to assign a specific schedule times for your posts throughout the week helping you to remain consistent on the platform.

It is also function on mobile app such as Android and iOS App.

Features: Allow more social network accounts, generating links for posting, uploading pictures and video posting, scheduling posts, tracking all posts for social accounts linked and give report about them.


EveryPost stands to provide complete social media as all-in-one publishing tool solution for publishers. Everypost is simple and easy to use in curating and sharing multimedia content across multiple social platforms. It also enables you to customize all your content to suit the audience of each social media platform before you cross-post.

On EveryPost, each tool is highlighted according to its unique features and advantages which depend on what will work better for your business.

It also allows scheduling and publishing posts when it is convenient for you while still reaching your audience at the most effective times.

It covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and available on mobile app, Androids and iOS App version.

Features: Allow collaboration, content curation, social analytics, post customization, posting scheduling, content discovery, video and bulk image upload posting.


Agora Pulse is a premium tool that combines all social networks for scheduling content across multiple channels. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and youtube.

Its feature helps you to publish, engage and monitor your messages, and listen to comments.

It allows free trial sign-up to see how it works before start using the subscription plan.

It also supported the use of Chrome Extension, Android App and iOS App.

Key Features: Social media monitoring, Team functionality, social CRM tools, data retention, advanced reporting, analytics, video and image posting.


Socialoomph is simple to use publishing tool that has multi-applications in posting content. It offer a lot of features that monitoring and managing all activities of all social media by schedule tweets, publish blog posts and pages, tweet via email, auto-follow and scheduling updates posts.

It works with twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds and blogs.

It also available on mobile app, Androids and iOS App version

Features: posting schedule categories, scheduling and updates posts, bulk images uploading, Manage and monitoring all social media activities, content discovery, repeating and recycling posts.

Hopefully with the use of this tools your publish post will be more faster and easy to spreading across all your Social Media accounts with the use of any these convenience tools that best described your business.


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