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7 Tools That Can Help Improve Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can employ for any given online businesses. The end goal of this campaign is to improve the rankings of a certain website by ensuring that its web pages use relevant keywords, have sufficient and quality backlinks, and a stable server behind it.
Search Engines like Google are very particular about content and the reliability of every website. They also determine rankings via user’s choice like for example, if a certain website usually gets a high bounce rate (this happens when people simply exit the website right after seeing/visiting one page), that will tell Google that the site is not relevant or reliable when it comes to that certain keyword. As a result, the website will be ranked lower for that particular keyword.

Facebook Set to Monetized WhatsApp With Verified Business

Facebook who owned WhatsApp has set to monetize a channel that will let Small-Medium Businesses (SMB), and companies enterprise communicate with messaging services to one billion users daily on a dedicated app, which will allow small enterprise and large scale operating companies to communicate and bring bigger solution to their businesses.





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