Friday, September 01, 2017

WhatsApp Update Add Colourful Text Images Status

WhatsApp Update Add Colourful Text Images Status

WhatsApp which had over 500 million active users monthly have rolled out an new feature update to their app status which allow users writing text on a colourful image background. WhatsApp status debuted as a text-only feature has grown to including photos and videos.

However, this latest update feature lets users to choose a font, background colour and also allow add hyperlinks.

The world biggest social network first started testing colourful status back in December 2016, before the rolling out of the feature in March 2017. When the new feature was first introduced in February by the Facebook, it was said that it disappeared in 24hours.

The Snapchat-like updates feature status, which have about 250 million users daily. The feature is specifically for WhatsApp and is different from the old-School type of text status that has been re-introduced.

Facebook which owns WhatsApp, are very specific in testing the feature in its main app before rolling it out to WhatsApp. A colourful background status updates are supposed to increase user’s engagement, but Facebook believes that are still working before pushing it out across to active billion of users.

WhatsApp started testing its new colourful status option with some selected users earlier before rolling it out to everyone. Today, WhatsApp recently announced that the new status update feature had passed to billion active users.

This new feature can only activated once you have updated version of WhatsApp on your Android device, and if you have been using old version you need to tap on menu on your WhatsApp for update which enable feature of colourful text image.

WhatsApp updates adds colorful text status images feature, font and background colour just like Facebook can now been seen by WhatsApp users and the new status updates can be opening with Web-WhatsApp users more even better.

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WhatsApp User can now enjoying new features more by sharing personalized photos, videos and connecting through video calling and communicating with friends to keeping updated throughout days with new status updates on WhatsApp.

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