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7 Social Media Messenger Alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook

7 Social Media Messenger Alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook

Facebook and WhatsApp are the largest social network messenger application that is currently rocking the world today. Now that Facebook owns WhatsApp, it possible that these two social instant messengers could soon be merging together as one. It is a good idea for social networking users to start preparing by trying other alternative instant messenger to WhatsApp and Facebook.

There are many instant messenger apps available that are good for your Smartphone which support the use of handset’s Wi-Fi, 2G/3G and 4G internet connections to send messages like photos, voice clips and video calls across the world.

Many of these apps across platform can also save you money as if you have unlimited data in your mobile phone because they are not only limited to chatting or talking to friends but also have other features embedded like Facebook and WhatsApp as you use them.

You can use those messenger apps instead of your traditional way of messages that your mobile operator charge. Most social media alternatives to Facebook and WhatsApp enable users sending messages, photos, voices and videos calls for free and you can do well to encourage your friends to join too.

Let’s look at these alternatives instant messengers apps to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and you can launch at any of them to see how they work.


Users of Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone should consider WeChat instant messenger as alternatives to Facebook and WhatsApp.

WeChat, operated by Chinese Internet Giant Tencent and is greatly supported in hugely crowded nation, which is currently one of the growing and popular in China.

It has over 900 million users worldwide and it is known as super app by people. It is surrounded with a lot of branded features that ease the communication.

Just like WhatsApp, it requires users’ phone number to connect with friends rather than using usernames, and then allow sending messages, photos, making voice and videos calls for free.

It’s also support the use of GIF, sharing media, uploading videos, sending and making payment, sharing document files, location and more.

WeChat allow the use of two step verification security to enable users secure their account and information, and also offers users multiple app.

Currently, WeChat is available on all Smartphone-Android devices, iOS, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone and Web-PC.


Line is another East Asian social network instant messenger that offer free unlimited messages chat, voice and video calls. In addition, it’s also work well on personal computer, Android, Window phone, Blackberry and iOS.

Apart from enable users sending messages, free voice and video calling, it had platform that allow making payment for goods and commodity. It is feature with two step verification to enable secure users account.

There is a Facebook-like timeline that allow 10-second video clip tool, make free audio and video conference calls.

It has feature that support GIF and users can add friends through phone number which give more opportunity for users to have multiple app.

Line app is available on Web, Android, iOS, Window phone and Blackberry.


Kik is another WhatsApp and Facebook alternatives instant messenger app that allows you send messages, photos, voice and video calls for free both on mobile device and via web connection.

In common with large app and tech companies, Kik was launched in 2010 by group of University students, and by November 2013 it’s had grown to have popularity of 100 million users. The app has grown speedily to be a solid app just like WhatsApp.

It only requires usernames to add, chat and connect with other users’ friends.

Apart from being allowing sending messages, photos, voice and videos calls, it is also feature with the kind of functions that built-in browser, group messages and support use of GIF video that make the service fun and interesting.

It is also available on Android version, iOS, window phone and Blackberry.


Tango is another effective instant messaging app that offers one to one with video calls. It also lets users sending text messages, pictures, group chat for sending video and making voice call over Wi-Fi or on 3G, 4G connection.

Tango has some kind of social factor to some others apps, though it makes you chat to nearby other users if you decide, but allowing users follow and interact with interesting people around the world.

In addition to basic functions built into the application, it’s also offers kind of brand that make it possible for every users to playing music, game with friends and family even when making voice or video calls in a chat.

It work slickly across on all Smartphone-Android, tablets, Blackberry, iOS and also available on Web for PC.


Hike is a social media service that combines with so many features for instant messages, SMS, voice and video calls. This application has a larger audience in Asia and it is embedded with features in a single package.

It is not just only sending photos, videos, audio call or messages; it is also allow sharing and sending unlimited amount of multiple document files of any format like excel, PDF, ZIP, Word, PowerPoint, APKs, and MP3s.

If anyone want to send payment, Hike app enable with this feature which lets users to make any payment and instant bank to bank transfer via UPI to friends with the use of mobile phone number.

Hike is multi-layer messaging app chosen by over 100 million users for instant messages, sending photos, voices and videos calls, sharing unlimited large files, making payment transfers to friend and other phones number users worldwide.

It has awesome feature which allows you to hide all of your private chats from the world and access them only with a password. Users can make their conversations private, secure and protected from anyone who takes their phones.

Now with Hike, you can express yourself better and stay close to friends and family in a speedy, reliable, and fun way.


Viber is another good social service that to be consider as alternatives to WhatsApp. Viber has more than 300million users and is rapidly growing in popularity by people using in sending messages, making free voice, and video calls.

Viber provides instant messaging voice over internet protocol functionality for Smartphone. It allows sending text messages, voice and videos calls with high quality phone calls for free. The free messenger also lets users to make international phone calls for free.

The app offers beyond just free messages, one can share photos, send files, records audio voice messages, videos, while the use of cool stickers and emoji icons is feature to enjoy the better communication.

Viber service also features live video chat and voice call. The service makes users to easily create or join group chat with up to 250 people to chat, and its only requires the use of phone number to create account

Currently is available on Android and Blackberry, Tablet and iOS.


Imo is a social service that is best known for sending SMS messages, chat and videos calls for free. Its enable users to send unlimited messages and make free voice and video call over the Wi-Fi or 2G, 3G or 4G internet connection of your mobile provider.

Imo app also allows sharing of photo and videos, and there’s group chat, voice calls option for users to make free video call with family and friends.

It is full of fun where users can as well have access to express themselves with use hundred free of stickers while communicating with friends.  

It’s has a high quality video and voice call on Android and i-Phone.

Imo is available on Android device, i-Phone, Tablet, Window phone and also work on Web PC.

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