Thursday, August 03, 2017

Making Money from Your Mailing List

Making Money From Your Mailing LIst

If you are information marketer or selling online products, you might have known, or heard that money is in the mailing list. But there are many ways one can make money from mailing list. Just having a substantial mailing list is no guarantee that you’ll make money from it, though the key to making money from mailing list is using it as a yardstick tool to drive traffic to your site and to entice people to make purchases whenever they visit your website.

But how do we make money from mailing list? However, in this post, I have a couple of tips you can follow to make the most of your mailing list.

Tip #1

The first element of making money from your mailing list is to continuously Adding New Names to your list. In order to do this you must have good traffic coming to your site. If you have a newsletter or having regular mailings going out to your customers you can entice them to pass the message along by offering specials or freebies for new subscribers. You also need to ensure that your visitors can easily locate where to subscribe to your mailing list on your website.

Tip #2

One of the best, most reliable methods of making money from your mailing list is by Giving Free Offers. These can be by offering free e-books, newsletters, free articles on a subject related to your products or services you are selling, or a series of free how-to reports on a specific guides that can benefit your customers. All of these items can be mailed, or to drive a more steady flow of traffic to your website and you can also place them on your website or blog. Just be sure to make your visitors easily find them whenever you place them.

Tip #3

When offering some of your freebie items, be sure to make it known to the subscribers/ customers that you appreciate and encourages them passing the message along to others. When your message is being pass across to others, mean there’s more exposure to your products and service you offered. Be sure to include an easy-to-read signature on your e-mail that includes your name, your company’s name, your links and all your contact information. As long as the message is in high quality and offers something of value, your reader or visitors will be willingly to pass it next to others.

More so, there are a couple of other methods of making money from your mailing list that you may want to consider. Most people with large, established mailing lists have turned this to renting, selling and even on some occasions exchange mailing lists. This method is where you see people called “Solo Ads” where people pay them to use their already large mailing lists to get their own subscriber list. But there is a word of warning about using these methods:

·        Be sure to research any rules, regulations or laws governing the exchange of mailing lists in using this method.

·        You must also consider the feelings of your customers before offering such mailing list for rent, sale or swap. They may feel that their privacy has been violated in some manner or one way on the other, if you don’t first obtain their consent to exchange their information.

Now as you can see the idea of how you can make money from your mailing list are neither complex nor terribly time-consuming. The profits you will reap from ever-growing mailing list of your happy, loyal customers will surely be an adequate reward for your efforts.

That’s all!

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