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How to Stop Apps Working Automatically on Android Background

How to Stop Apps Starting Automatically on Android Background

Android users usually discovered that most time their phone performances do slow down and battery easily drained whenever Android is in used. There can be several factors responsible for this, but what may cause this often are usually some of unwanted apps you’ve installed running automatically in the background of the phone. 

In this post, we’re going to look at how you can stop some of these apps functioning in background and what to do to restrain them from auto restarting.

Why Must Stop Running App Starting Automatically on Android? 

Every apps running on your device has some kind of function on available resources for your Android like memory, battery power, CPU, ROM, and RAM. If performance starts to dip the system will begin to close down least used app for other in order to maintain back its speed. But if a large amount of RAM is required by an app, the system will stop recent apps unexpectedly by itself to provide the newly launched app the needed resources. No need to stop them yourself.

Some of these apps installed that starts automatically do slow down the performances of the device. But if you have an app that persist on starting up even when you haven’t launch on them in the background, you will discover your device becoming sluggish and battery begin to drained quickly. In this case, you need to take rogue program to kill the app, but you have to know the type of app running in the back ground.

How to Stop Running App in the Background?

If you’re observing a sluggish performance on your device then it is good idea to first see what type of apps are running in the background. This depending on Android version you are using. To detect the app that is running in the background, first check you battery usage by navigate to Setting => tap Battery. Most of this option slightly have different names and features available but at least, you should able to see overview of the apps you have used most recently on all the apps you have launched to know what sucking up your battery that you can stop individually.

If you are using old version Android 4.0, but some higher Android versions have a couple of different option of restricting running apps in the background. To know which app is eating up resources of your device hit on Setting => Application Manager then select running app in the section and tap => Force Stop button to kill it.
And, on other Android versions to stop running apps head to Setting => Developer Options select the running app in processes list and tap stop button or uninstall the app manually. The same can be achieved stopping them from the Home screen by tapping on Recent Apps button. Some phones split apps in the battery usage tab by system or non system, and other split them into a list of hardware and software apps.

If you are using (Nougat Android Version 7.0), and you find out performance of your device in sluggish movement, then you need to see app running in the background that you want stop. On Home screen you tap apps slider or launch from your menu to =>Setting => Data Usage => cellular data Usage and from there you’ll be given option to choose the running app you want to restricted by toggle on Background data to On or Off. 

And, if you device is on the version of Marshmallow (Android 6.0.1), then you will need to enable developer mode in order to access information. To perform this, you can tap on setting=> to locate About Phone, and tap on the Build Number section where you will see “You are now a Developer” message appear.

Now when you go back to Settings you’ll see a new Developer options section that has already appeared. There select Developer Options=> Running services and you will see all the running apps and how long has been stored to stay on your device, tap on the one you want to stop. Once tap Stop, this will close down software and the program will close.

Of course, it is possible that some of these apps come back to reappeared but you have to be checking on this to ensure they do not start automatically. If possible, you might consider uninstalling such apps to preventing them restarting. And if you really want app to stay on your phone device then you are going to use a third party task manger. 

Use of Doze Feature

For those that use version 6.0 Marshmallow has the privilege of using Doze feature on their Android phone.  This feature called Doze in Marshmallow, which put all of the background apps that drain battery life to rest. It usually freezes apps from running even when it is in the pocket, or on desk, in the bag or basically whenever the screen is off. Doze is more aggressive about preserving your Android battery life by putting your phone in a low-power state even when you’re on the move or in your pocket.

To enable Doze feature, go to Setting => Battery Usage =>tap on three dot from the top right menu icon to pop-up => Battery Saver option that includes Battery Optimization, there select => All Apps to bring up all the list of apps, and tap =>Optimize option and Doze mode is enabled, then tap Done. Now with this your Android should able to manage your apps more sufficiently through the day.

Task Killers, Third Party Solution

If Apps do not respect your wishes when you do all to stop them loading automatically, then it is suggest to uninstalling to find out what is wrong to alternatively look for trustworthy app to re-install unless you want to use third party, Task Killer.

Task killer is a App manager on Android that usually repeatedly force-close an app in the background over and over and is certainly going to drained-away of your battery life more as it continue restart and kill process. It might be better off not installing the task killer in the first place and it letting run.

Task killers require rooting access to work. There are a number of extra features available on each app, but these usually require root access. It is not advisable to using task killer as is going to do more harm than good to your Android except if you probably think it is the best option. You can consider checking out some of most popular around that are Greenify, Purify, and Doze all of which that work in a similar way to Android Marshmallow Doze feature that suspends apps activity as an automated hibernation app that works for rooted and non-rooted devices.

Non-rooted devices won't get automated hibernation of apps and a few other features, but you can still add a widget to your Home screen to hibernate them in a single tap. It also has some good options that extend Doze for Marshmallow devices that don't require any root access.

Though, rooting your handset complete give you a far deeper level of control over your devices, but majority of users are against it, even your manufacturer would not want you to do it and besides it is absolutely void of warranty on your device. If you confidently have technical ability that is the best option for you to manage your device, then you can look for way of rooting your Android.

Hopefully these combine of solution will help to bring back the performances of your device to function well the way it should be.


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