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How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

You are tired of slow performance of your phone even when you can’t afford to get brand new one for now, but your current phone is really annoys you whenever is in use. Well, there are many things you can do to speed it up and work it out as you desire.

Besides, resources which are available on some Android phone like RAM, ROM, CPU, processor and storage may not have much capacity to carry heavy apps and other files you’ve installed.  This also depend on kind of Android version individual is using. But most cause of slow performance is that you’ve filled up the spaces with apps of which you don’t usually use or downloaded apps that may not be of important to you.

Android work like PC, once the storage is filled up, it will slow down if it is become bloated with much applications. So, you are going to work on everything that involving slowing down on your Android device to improve the situation.

In this post, we’re going to cover a number of ways in which you can use to restore and speed up your Android device back. You can try them or apply the one you think might work out best for you.

1. Firstly, you have to Delete Unused Apps. To be candid, you have to delete some of unused apps installed that have never been touch or use on your device. Go through all your installed apps and pick out ones which don’t necessary important to free up some space. Most common cause of slow down is due to some filled up apps that are probably downloaded, which are not important but is there to just fill up your Android space.

Once fully uninstall unused apps and start to see little speed up, then you might have know it is filled apps causing the slow down. With this, there should be free more spaces on your Android device to speed up better.

2.  Secondly, to speed up your Android phone you need to Clear Off Your Media. Just the same way apps consume up your space, media like music, photos, and video recording also take up a lot of spaces on your Android storage.

If you are someone who using Android as mean of shooting videos, recording, or downloading a lot of music video or stored all your entire music and files on your device as a library, it most slow down the performance of your Android phone.

To speed up your Android phone, search through all the media you have and pick up those one that is not most important, and you can get rid off to enable you have more spaces on Android device. Perhaps, if you have external storage apart the one in your Android device to store some of your media files or transfer them all to your PC.

3. Thirdly, Clear Your RAM to ease your memory space. There are some apps that start-up automatically on your device background; some of these apps are taking up spaces on Android.

Most apps you have open recent, or left on with closing usually work automatically in the phone background. If you clear them or kill those apps working in the background, you will soon discover that your Android phone performance will speed up faster.

You can check your Android background to see some of apps working automatically that you can clear to free space. Android automatically kill apps, but its depends on type of Android version you use, however you can still have user control over what is going on in the background to clear any unused apps or stop to kill them manually from working in the background.

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You can go through setting => apps=> running on your Android device or from your Homescreen to see all what is using up your memory and battery usage.  

Apps are using cache or memory but it is necessarily to kill those apps that auto start in the background when you never tap on them to avoid being loading each time you open up app you’re working with.

4. Fourth, Reboot Your Device if you have tried all the information mentioned and does not work out as you expected, try to reboot your phone this time. Rebooting will helps to refresh all the resources of your Android device like cache, processor, memory and other function features, which will help to find out any further action to apply.

5. To speed up your Android phone use Factory Reset. If after reboot and you still sense of sluggish in performance, then you will need to do some kind of factory reset on your phone. Though, this is not a good ideal and most users don't what to do the factory reset on their phone but just that it might be what you need to find out what is going wrong to resolve your Android device slowing down in performance.

Factory reset will erase all your installed apps, media files like music, photos and other information you stored on your phone and bring it back to manufacturing stage as if you just bought newly. It is advisable to remove your microSD card or backup your data, photos and other information to Google Drive should incase to recover all your stored data back after you might have reset your phone.

Hopefully with this tip, your Android phone will able to speed up in a good time and run smoother.

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