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How to Publish Content With Buffer to Social Media

How to Publish Content With Buffer to Social Media

It is now possible to publish your contents and easily sharing them across to social media with Buffer. Sharing your publish post is easy with the use of Buffer, instead of sharing them manually after publish but Buffer helps you share them across all media automatically. It offers an opportunity to automatically posting your content to all your social media once you have link them with Buffer.

Buffer is a simple and easy tool use in publishing and scheduling all your content posts across the social media. It is best known to be scheduling post and allows you to assign a specific schedule time for each of your post to be send across to all your link on social media and when to post on certain ways to engaging your audience.

Buffer is flexible to use and it’s also tracking all your content even after posting them across to social network and analytic each of the content as your audience engaging on them. Buffer will track all your published content, how it reach your audience and how they engaging on them with each click you have on them, likes, comments, retweets on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and on other social media you link on Buffer. However, this tools also available on Android Apps, iOS app and Chrome.

Buffer is also functioning with analytics to monitoring and tracking all your contents and also allowing video posting, auto-posting, scheduling, Pablo which use to create image with perfect size for Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

If you are posting content on Buffer, it will automatically generate links for your post, which mean it does not use your post link to send on social media and every click on your contents will be redirected to your website once your visitor click on them.  And, for every content post send across to all your social media, buffer gives notification how your audiences are engaged and when the content was posted.

There are free and payment plan, and you know what is free is limited in use but Buffer offered life free access plan for up to 6 social media to link where you can auto post your content. Buffer offered free plan to Facebook fanpage and group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram reminder and, give only free seven day trial for Pinterest. For those that operate on multiple social media platform you can decide to upgrade to payment plan for more access to multiples social media.

How to Publish Content With Buffer to Social Media

How to Use Buffer

1. Visit Buffer and simply sign-up with your account

2. Register all your social network account to allow Buffer read and manage your social account.

3. Start to post your content and place your post link to Buffer while it will automatically generate link on every contents for you provide to be send to your social network.

4. Buffer allow multiple content posting which enable to post immediately or tap to start scheduling your content post, link shortening and other function are available. simply locate all feature button to enable them.

Hopefully, you will enjoying spreading all your content post easily across your  social media with the use of Buffer and have more audience engage with your content.



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