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5 Reason You Want to Quit Your Job

5 Reason You Want to Quit Your Job

Do you really like the job you do? If your answer is yes, congratulations you’re ahead of those that don’t like the job they do. Some people are not happy with their work. But the fact that, you like what you do doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever. Remember, one day you will leave, or one thing on other will definitely makes you leave either to higher pay job, or to start your own business.

You will discover most people working are not happy with the kind of job they do. It may not be their wish to do such a job or maybe thinking they were not suppose to be where they are right now, but there are some factor which may be responsible for being unhappy and they want to leave for another job.

However, in this post we are going to mention some factors that could make you unhappy with your work and you want to change your job.

When Your Salary is Delay

There’s no how impressive your salary was when you first employed, it may not stay to continue forever. One day there will be stagnant in paying your salary. Most private company do have a sluggish habit when it comes to salary increment, and if you’re not cautious, you may soon discover such organization will start to delay in paying your salary.

When You’re Not Promoted

There may be reason why you’ve not be promoted in your company. It might be your habit towards the work in your organization or lack of ability to the task assign to you. It may possible be that your organization has limited number of staff and someone has to leave or retire before other can be promoted. This might be reason why you are unhappy with your work and you decide to quit.

Perhaps, you already due for promotion and you feel cheated that your boss has never look on you but rather delayed your being promoted, if there’s no reason for your being left out to be promotes on your work when you know you should, then you have reason to leave your job.

There is room for you to grow in whatever you do, if you are not promoted instead of your junior staffs were being promoted, mean something is wrong somewhere and it is time to leave in searching of another company that can make you grow with the job you offered.

When You Are Not Enjoying What You Do

Most organizations are not given their staff right position base on their career. Sometime, we are all on the quest to find the perfect job that can satisfy all our needs, just because we are speedily in need of money. But at times, you may be forced to take a task out of your career that you were not so comfortable with, or assign a job you're not competent to do.

It sometime happened that your boss might wanted to delegate by assign such work to you but you feel uncomfortable that you are incompetent to carry out the task. However, maybe the job wasn’t the one you enjoyed doing, or the job changed from what you applied and that you expected. It is enough for you to quit your job for another that goes in-line with your profession, if you didn't like or enjoy what you do.

If the company give you work that make you feel you’re not on the right career path, and you have trouble of dissatisfaction that put you away each day, that’s enough reason to leave your job rather to live a life of regret on job that is not your profession.

When You Have Other Accomplish

It is perfectly acceptable that you may have reason to quit your current job simply that you have other life goal you want to accomplish. Perhaps, you want to start your own business or have another interest different from your current work, or traveling outside the country or possibly going back to school for a course. This may give room for you leaving your current job, though this kind of quitting might be a long gap leaving.

When You Have Better Offer

Leaving your current employer to take another job in another company should not affect you. Though, if you actually like your current job, deciding whether to stay or go can be a tough time. This is usually happened especially if you have worked for several years.

But you must avoid looking at your current job when you know that this your new offer might have much advantageous on your current job. If you left one job to take a position in other company might be for an increment in pay, or simply for promotion, or for you to have better career in your profession.

However, if you think you've gotten an offer that have more pay than your previous job, or you want to position yourself to be working for a different organization, then you have a reason for leaving your current job. Otherwise, you will lose an opportunity just because you’re being scare of a change.

Everyone has the reason on the other why you want a change of jobs. And, yours for change of job maybe due to influence by your bad boss in your company or simply because of disagreement with your boss, or dissatisfies with the job and you decide quitting will be the solution.

It’s not usually easy for a company to let go of an employee’s apart of performance or skilled. Just be honest with yourself in your decision to know what is right and with genuine reason for your quitting.

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