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Mistakes That Can Make Your Blog Useless

Mistakes That Make Your Blog Useless

Its sound discourage as a blogger or writer to spend all time and days writing content, and thing do not work out as expecting in term of traffic driving into your blog. Some of the blogger do complain that after a start, thereafter a year their blog remain as dead and this disrupts their attention of focus in blogger profession.

However, there this common mistake that’s almost always revolve and made by bloggers. Most of the blogger can sit back and be expecting blog to do all of the work for them, which is a terrible mistake way to approaching in blogging.

If you ask a successful blogger, such would tell you that blogging takes a certain amount of DEDICATION and HARD EFFORT to make it work. You have to put all effort in your blog to sustain it, especially month after month. Though, your blog design needs to be attractive and simple but not necessary to be excessively graphic design. Some blogger would work hard in designing blog and thereafter they will get lazy to continue publishing the content; instead they sit back to relax.

In this post, we shall take a look gradually at some of the Mistakes That Make Your Blog Useless which can bury a blog, and you need to avoid in blogging.

1. Irregular Updates

This is one of most the biggest mistakes some blogger do in blogging. When they take a start, they forget to updates their blog post regularly thereafter published.  Most successful blogs are updated with new posts at least a day. Some larger blogs are constantly being updated. If you are regular readers of some those blog post, you will discovered some blogger do update their content even with their old post. They keep their blog post afresh every day, week and month.
Google do updates frequently on a regular posts in their Search Engine. You should try to create new posts as often as possible but if you miss a day post, there’s no big deal. However, if you miss a week, two weeks, or a month without posting, you might as well as consider the blog dead already.

At least you have to take a few moments, even as few as five days to update or if not a day, a week writing an interesting posts or content will be of good for you to have regular post. If you are writing short and concise posts like you should be, this should not be a challenge to you.
2. Excessive Graphics
It is very important to design your blog in a graphical ways and with attractive looks. Pictures can also add a load to your blog and draw in more readers to your blog site. But too excess of graphic overload can slow down the flow of your blog website.

In additional, excessive of graphics like adverts, pictures can drive people away. I have once experienced such in blogging.  There are some webs that are still using slow internet connection. When you embedded a lot of graphics on your blog, it overloaded your website and drive readers away.  The reason too many pictures can ruin a blog simply because your page will take an excessively long time to load. 

Many readers may not have all time to wait too long to allow your page to load. Once they can’t able to view or read information they were looking due to excessive graphic, they'll go away. Therefore, try limiting some pictures and not to likely drive your readers away. 

3. Unprofessional Design

When it comes to blogging, it does not necessary need to have all kind of much design or style design. It just has to be professional look and simple. Though, it is essential to have a professional look of blog because that is what retains your readers. It is your professional look on your blog that will make readers to take you more serious. Having a professional design blog makes you an expertise blogger.

But you blog must not necessary need all kind of designs or full graphic overloaded but to be precise and simple.

If you have must interest in boosting traffic, you should try to have logo design, clear and simple navigators, good layout and many more in your blog. It is some of this that makes reader enjoying reading your blog.

To make your blog professional, you can hire someone to design for you if you can afford it, or choose to do it yourself if you know the best way to make it work. 

Nevertheless, I will encourage you to look at other blog as there are millions of blogs online with a different designs look, and then you can view to emulate their method of design if you can do it yourself. But you have to try different layout and approaches on your blog to know which one attract traffics. However, you can contact to hire me to set-up and design your blog for you at a moderate fees.

 4. Improper Or Wrong Content
Blogging is a web journal where you can freely express yourself. There’s a freedom of expressing of thought when it comes to blogging, but it has to be in an appropriate ways. If your blog title stands for computer technology, you cannot start writing post or content on making money or relationship, you are on wrong content. It is said to be inappropriate or divert content.

And, if your title post is about how to, tutorial or guidelines, you cannot start writing outside your category or blog post title. You need to start focus and choose your content right.

More so, your blog logo also is very important. You don’t need to contradict your logo to wrong title or title post. You should know what your blog title, Meta description and your title post stands for in your blogging business. Start writing content according to your blog title, title post and Meta description. 

Blog title is statement or a word that tells what your blog stand for, the title of your blog webpage and your post title is the topic of content of which you want to talk or write about, while Meta description is what described summaries of your webpage.

Another to consider is the use of casual tone in writing your content. It does not necessary to use a hard word in blogging, just a simple word is allow and has to be in a way as if you were in a communication with a friend or your colleagues. You need to avoid the use of profanity kind of offensive or lingo type of words in writing your content. If you want to be a successful blogger, you must use a casual or personality kind of simple and understandable words approach in writing your post. 
5. Excessive of Adverting
If you are into blogging, you have full opportunity to make money with your blog. There are so many ways you can earn a lot of profit in blogging but it is a gradual process. Also See:  How to Make Profit With Your Blog
Most blogger do think when they start blogging, will begin to earn big profit immediately. Let me say this to disappoint you that earning money on blog is a gradual process and also depend on your successful content, and your hard work. Having mindset that you’ll earn big when you start blog is a trend that can get you out of control quickly.

To start earning you can place appropriate ads on your blog even with Google Adsense. You can also affiliate by promoting other peoples products to earn a commission. If you are interested in adding ads to your blog, you have to do so with caution. 

There’s no big deal, if you place appropriate ads that offer viewers links that correlated with your blog’s content. But, if you’re adding massive amount of advertisement on your blog will be a great mistake. I have learned from such experienced that excessive of ads annoy readers and drive them away. However, to place Adverts on blog, three or less per page is guarantee on your content and to ensure it was place appropriately on area of your blog page. And, if you were to place ads on outer page, it is also allow but with diligent and neatly.

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More so, you can tap on more posts, popular posts on this blog, and am very sure that you'll be glad and interested on some of the topics you will discover on this blog website.

Hopefully by now you have discover some of the mistakes that make your blog useless and need to avoid them.

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