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Is your WhatsApp Down? Here’s How to Fix It

Is Your WhatsApp Down? Here's How to Fix It

It sometime a surprised hearing people says, my “WhatsApp is down and its stop working” but there are no reported problems at WhatsApp. WhatsApp can stop working unexpectedly at any time of the day or night locally on your device due to one reason.

Are you having problem connecting with your WhatsApp? Or your WhatsApp is down and suddenly stop working. Here’s how to find out the problem to fix some issue to detect if it is working correctly.

Solution #1.
Check Your Internet Connection

If your WhatsApp is down, troubleshoot your internet connection to know if it is working perfectly. WhatsApp is an online service that needs active internet connection to enable to use. Try to use your browser on your Smartphone to browse a new webpage of facebook, or other site to detect proper working of your internet connection and open to refresh other online services.

If you're using mobile data then check your mobile data connection is not turned off in the Settings menu, and that you have sufficient signal. Also ensure your phone is not on Flight mode, or alternatively trying restarting your phone.

If your internet connection seems to be working, move on to the next tip. If you can't get online at all there are other several things you can try.

And, if you're using Wi-Fi connection, try toggling your connection off and on, also check if your broadband service is not down and if possible you try restarting your wireless router. 

Finally, you must be sure you haven't restricted any background data usage for your WhatsApp in the Data Usage menu, and your APN settings are correctly configured. If possible you can use WhatsApp over Wi-Fi but not your mobile connection, it's likely that your APN mobile data settings are not proper configured to allow your WhatsApp service – You need to check your mobile operator service.

Solution #2
Update Your WhatsApp

WhatsApp have new features at all time, which mean you need to updates occasionally to enable proper function of your WhatsApp. Sometimes WhatsApp will not work unless you are running with the latest version on your Android phone, if should in case, you have WhatsApp on a tablet or other Android that is not available at Google Play Store.

On Android phone: Check for app updates by opening Google Play, tapping the three lines at the top left and choosing My apps, there checking for available updates of your apps you can installed, then tab WhatsApp update.

There are Smartphone that WhatsApp will be notified for updates and if it is not updated, WhatsApp may not function unless it is up-to-date.

On an iPhone: Open the App Store and tap updates icon at the bottom right of the screen. WhatsApp also ensuring that you are running the latest version of iOS on your iPhone and then tap WhatsApp to update.

Solution #3
Uninstall and Re-install WhatsApp

If you have done all the necessary things you need to do for proper working of WhatsApp and do not rectify the problem, you need to uninstall and then re-install a fresh copy of WhatsApp on your device.

To start uninstall of WhatsApp on your Android phone, you will probably need to Back-Up all your WhatsApp conversations, which will require you running free back-up on Google Drive app.

If you have Google account, sign into Google Drive using Google account detail within your WhatsApp and choose Settings => Chat => Chat backup and then tap on green “Back Up” button.  You can start uninstall after backup your WhatsApp conversation.

WhatsApp will automatically search for your Google Drive backup copy of your conversation after when you have re-installed new fresh of your WhatsApp. Once pop-up for your back up copy, you can tap on it to allow restore.

Hopefully, this will fix the problem of your WhatsApp to start working properly.

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