Monday, June 12, 2017

MTN Solar: Mobile Electricity Power Reliable For Home Use

 MTN Solar: Mobile Electricity Power Reliable For Home Use

The lack of electricity power supply has been one of the major challenging in African even in basic of lighting and other appliances like phones charging, television, radio and many more. Most African countries has been discovered their potential in positioned themselves to put solution to the challenges of electricity problem in their countries.

Governments are now capitalizing on the development of renewable energy projects, and the private sector has realized the latent business opportunities to make a positive impact to different communities.

The leading in telecommunications company MTN has partnered with Lumos solar a renewable energy power to lighten Nigeria with “an ultra-affordable Pay-As-You-Go energy solution”.

As a result of its recent partnership with MTN, it has now brought the same product, but renamed ‘Ready Pay’ in order to improve energy and telecommunications for that lack of reliable electricity challenge.

Now, MTN Nigeria has introduced a branded electricity solar panel and inverters in Nigeria, called “MTN Mobile Electricity” and is available for purchase on request at their local MTN store nearest to you with affordable fess and monthly subscription.

MTN Mobile Electricity is given upon a request and it is registered with a subscribed MTN mobile SIM Card in user’s name, with a valid ID card and guarantors.

The Lumos device is a multifunctional Solar Power System for easy recharging which includes a solar panel unit with solar cable, battery pack featuring with 2 USB mobile ports adaptor & 2 car lighter adapter ports plus a range of lights and phone charging accessories. It also has larger kits that feature radio or TV accessories with additional accessories for self easy installation kit and other like hair clippers and torches sold separately.

The good news about this system is that its solar powered, which mean one doesn’t need to wait for any electricity supply before you can power your gadgets. As at the time visited MTN stores, it was said, the solar power electricity can lighting up 2 to 3 light bulbs, cell phones, fans, TV, Radio, computer and other small electronics devices.

According to MTN, the solar panel can only powered (AC appliance within up to 60W), and it can be release with one-time registration fees of NGN26, 000 to join the service. The mobile solar power system will be linked with MTN SIM mobile number for easy recharging which can help to save lot of cash on normal monthly charges electricity bills.

MTN mobile electricity solar power inverter comes with 5 years warranty, after in which it will belong to the users. You can choose your suitable plan option and make your affordable convenient payment on daily use with your mobile phone.

MTN Mobile Electricity Recharging cost:
Recharging is varying and depends on individual usage. But you should always credit your solar power within 30 days but a minimum of 20 days must be paid every month whether use or not.

The cost plan per day is charge at NGN150 within 24hrs a day and 30 days is charge at NGN4, 500 per month. You can visit your nearest MTN store office for detail and more information on MTN Solar Mobile Electricity.

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