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How to Enable Two Factor Authentication On Facebook (Laptop/PC Guide)

 How to Enable Two Factor Authentication On Facebook (Laptop/PC Guide)

Back in February this year, Facebook owned WhatsApp and introduced 2-step verification for all its users which added an extra layer of security to their accounts. A month later, Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, rolled out two factor authentication for its users too. Well, this is definitely a welcome move as to prevent unauthorized people from accessing users’ accounts. 

With these two factor authentication, users are now required to enter an additional security code along with their password whenever they try login to their accounts. This security code is sent through SMS or email to the users, and they can only log into their accounts when they successfully enter that code correctly along with their password. This reduces the risk of hacking of their Facebook accounts.

Now, while WhatsApp and Instagram have already deployed these mechanisms, enabling this for your Facebook account was quite difficult until now. Facebook didn’t list this feature as two factor authentication; rather, it was listed as “Login Approvals” which made several people scratch their heads. However, in an attempt to simplify things up for the users and to help them better secure their accounts, Facebook now redesigned their security settings and list the two factor authentication in their settings. To observe you can login into your facebook account to verify and, if you don’t know how to enable two factor authentication on Facebook, read on as we show you how it is done in step below. 

To enable Facebook two factor authentication Security (Laptop/PC Guide)

Step 1: Open the Facebook account and located the menu icon at the right side of the notifications icon. After that, keep scrolling down until you see an option called “Account Settings“.

Step 2: Under the Account Settings menu, tap on “Security” and you will be taken to the “Setting up Extra Security”. Under that, tap on “Use two-factor authentication” and then tap on “Two-factor authentication“. If your two-factor authentication is turn off, tap on “Set-Up” 

Step 3: You’ll be ask to for your assurance to enable and you can check or uncheck box “for seven day, do not require for a second factor to turn off two authentication” it is optional and then tap “Enable” to further

Step 4: You will now be asked to Re-enter your Facebook password, just enter your password in the textbox and submit to continue. You two factor authentication is enable.


You will see pop-up message that, "you must now use a code or security key in order to log into unrecognized devices." then tap close

You will be shown your mobile number on which the security code will be sent. If it’s correct, tap on Continue, if it’s not or you wish to change it, tap on Change Phone Number. If you already have your mobile number on your Facebook, you will not ask but security code will be sent there for you.

Step 5. Now whenever you want to login into your Facebook account, security code will be sent to your mobile phone. After you have received the six-digit security code, enter it into the box and tap on Continue.

NOTE: If you use laptop or PC for accessing your Facebook account, you will be ask to Save browser or Don’t save

That’s All.

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