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How to Save Facebook GIF, Videos And Photos to WhatsApp

How to Save Facebook GIF, Videos And Photos to WhatsApp
Everyone wish is to maximum the Facebook potential and use the opportunity to be sending Videos, photos and GIF to friends and sharing with other social media. But few among facebook users know how to use this opportunity to save, send or share photos, vidoes and GIF directly from their Facebook account to WhatsApp.

This post intent to show you to know how to save GIF on Facebook directly to WhatsApp and to share them to other social media like Twitter. Instagram etc. You can now send GIF’s to your WhatsApp chat directly from your Facebook account.

In this post, you will discover “How to Save Facebook GIF, Photos and send  to Whatsapp” with simple tips that works. This is the new tips improve to save any photos or GIF from Facebook to WhatsApp Chat.

It is possible that one might have be using other method or downloading before sending or share Facebook GIF and pictures to Whatsapp. But this method is very possible and easily without leaving your Facebook.

Though, Facebook is planning to include this feature in Future. We have to do this method manually for now.

You can share any kind of GIF’s, photos from your Facebook account to WhatsApp with your friend in just a single click. There are two ways method that explained this, but you  to choose the best method that suits you to Save Pic or send GIF to WhatsApp from your Facebook account

1st Method
To share, Save Facebook GIF to WhatsApp you need to get "FbToAll"App.

This App called "FbToAll" will directly help to save any GIF from Facebook and give you option where you want to send them. I tried this on my Android phone, the version of “FbToAll” app make it works but not sure yet whether is available on iOS version.

Function of FbToAll Application is to help you save any kind of video, images (photos), from your facebook and automatically direct  to you gallery to choose where you want to send on your device.

The convenience of “FbToAll” App, is that you can go through the Real Facebook wall page and you see an option to ‘SAVE VIDEO’ (or) ‘SAVE PIC’ button in green highlight colour right from the "FbToAll" app which will pop-up to give you an option to choose action of apps where you want to send the save GIF or Photos from your Facebook posts. Once click on this SAVE PIC button, the share option will be opened directly for you to choose an option to installed Apps listed on your Android phone where you can post them to, whether WhatsApp, Twitter (or) Other Social Media app listed on your Android phone directly.

How to Use FbToAll App:
1. Install “FbToAll” from Google play Store, and launch to the app.

2. Open “FbToAll” App and sign into your Facebook account to browse through inside FbToAll app, if you wanted to share any private, personal videos, or photos you need to login with your Facebook account.

Once you have installed "FbToAll" app and you open your Facebook account on the app, all Videos and Photos on the facebook posts button ‘SAVE PIC’ (or) ‘SHARE VIDEO’ will be displayed and once you tap either Save Video or Save Pic, it will automatically start downloading or saving into your phone gallery.

I have tried this method and once I logged to my Facebook account on "FbToAll" app, the option to SAVE PIC, SAVE VIDEO button appeared in green. The option to choose where to share your photos, GIF to all Apps installed on your Android phone whether to WhatsApp, Twitter (or) any Email etc will be displayed.

Here, select WhatsApp or other option show for you to send whatever you want.

2nd Method
The 2nd method to Save, Share Facebook video, Photos or GIF into Whatsapp is simply using UC browser. All you have to do, copy the post link and paste into your UC Browser. The UC Browser usually gives an option to download and save it.

Thereafter download, then open WhatsApp, click send GIF, photos or video and choose the one you want to send and done.

That's All!

Hope you've find this method interesting.

Please, feel free to leave your comment and contributions below. And, if I have missed any method (or) you know other method apart from those mentioned, your idea will highly welcomed!

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