How to Recover Deleted Photos And Files on Android Using TunesBro Data Recovery

With the rate advent of Smartphone, a lot of gadgets that were previously important to us have lost their appeal. These Smartphone have been replaced alarm clock, calendar, calculator, camera and even the need for a computer. You can work from anywhere, without any desktop or even a laptop, but thanks to them! 

Smartphone now help to do more on the go and ease a work loan on our business activities. Any moment can be captured forever with them. You don’t need to look for a camera anywhere to capture your events. These Smartphones provide us with an opportunity, not just capture such moments but also recall them as you please. What’s more, they are so light and easy to use that it is indeed a child’s play to operate them. 

Many of us might have mistakenly deletes some photos, documents files or videos which were most important to us. In this post, you discover how to recovery such deleted images and files back to your Android phone.

Here is the tip for How to Recovery Your Deleted Data on Device.

How to Recover Deleted Photos And Other files on Android Phone with the Use of TunesBro.

1. Download TunesBro Android Data Recovery of your choice from Google play Stores on your computer, install and launch it.

2. Connect your phone with your computer using a USB cable. (Alternately, you could also use your SD card with a card reader)

3. Once your phone is detected, select the type of data you want to recover (documents, photos, videos and other etc.)

4. Keep in mind to enable USB Debugging to get your phone into developer mode to recover your photos and other file you were looking.

5. Click ‘next’ and scan your phone (standard or advanced mode).

6. Browse through the scanned results, check the photos, files or  videos you want to recover and click ‘recover’ to save them on your computer.

NOTE: Avoid using the phone when photos are deleted as you may end up overwriting on deleted files.

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