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How to Become The Person You Want to Be!

  How to Become The Person You Want to Be!
Most of us experience a gap between the person we want to be and person we are at the moment. We want to be smart and ambitious, but we delay or procrastinate. We want to be attentive parents, but we get "caught up" and drop the ball with our kids. We want to be disciplined and focused, but we end up doing something that wasting our time.

This is normal, but it's also very unfortunate. It costs us lots of pains. It means we achieve less and become less than the person we intended.

Do you really have a plan to fix them this year? The matter is to develop the person we want to be is the issue on our personal growth and what we want to achieve in this new year. You have to forget whatever thing you couldn't do last year and move forward to enable you to achieve your BEST this very year.

Change is a fact of life and it is inevitably. Things don't stay the same, they become. You are, in some small way, different than you were yesterday. And in some small way, you will be different tomorrow. One of the major questions for everyone is that, do you really have a plan for your personal growth? Do you really plan to achieve your desire goal this very year.

One of the things I have learned that to "work harder on yourself than you do on your job." Since change and evolution are inevitable, it follows that we both plan, and control our growth, or we allow ourselves to be influenced by whatever things happen to impact us.

So, the question is, do you have a plan for your Personal Development? Or, are you more like the Grand Canyon-changing in whatever way the river affects you? In my experience, almost no one has a real plan to become the person they want to become. And that's particularly strange since almost everyone has a vision for who they hope to become. We have goals or dreams, we have habits we all want to break off, to change from, or new habits that we want to take place in us. We have skills that we hope to learn, but few have plans or budgets or blueprints to make it happen.

Every day, society and culture press upon us. Every day we are encouraged to buy new things, to adopt "new and improved" gadgets or to go along with new fashions, and new behaviors. Between advertising and conversations with friends, our sense of styles, our sense of language, behavior and attitudes are being influenced in amazing ways. That happens!

And we rarely question it. It just happens and we don't even notice. I suspect this is at least a small part of our understanding.

So, I encourage you to think about whom you are, and your plans to become the person you want to be. Imagine yourself with the skills you'll need. Imagine yourself having the virtues and maturity and attitudes you'd like to have. In general, we tend to become the person we intentionally and consciously imagine ourselves to be.

But, this is not enough! Change may be inevitable, but GROWTH requires planning, intention and effort. Do you have a list of books you'll read this year? Make a list of them. Jot down the titles and check them off as you move through the list, cover to cover and book by books. Do you have a list of skills you want to learn or acquire this year? Make your list. Do you also have a list of the personality attributes that you want to acquire or expand? Make also a list of them. It makes you go in the line of your goals to achieve your plan this year.

Do you read of any book or article, and other publications like this in every week or magazine or blogs on the internet? Do you think about these ideas, discuss them with colleagues, and encourage your friends and co-workers to do the same?

Do you regularly budget your time, money and energy for personal development? Do you read at least an hour or two per week? Do you take classes or attend conferences, workshop, or watch educational videos on a regular basis? Are you becoming the person you really want to be? Or are you drifting and hoping for the best? Remember, hope is not a strategy! Have a plan to become the person you want to be, then be the best you can and this depends mostly on YOU.

Wish you Success ahead!




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