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7 Ways of Blogging And Making Money

 7 Ways Of Blogging And Making Money
Blogging has been a business every individual want to be doing to earn a living. Many people goes into blogging for different opinions and some goes into blogging for the hope to meet the ends needs.

Yes! Blogging has been a widest ways of earning money online,  advertising your businesses, products and services, creating business awareness and making your opinion known to the public about what your professions.

There are many bloggers who maintains their blog web as a business blogging, and they spend most of their time blogging to making money. While some make it as a private, online journal and to others blogging as a way of teaching on tips, guides, enlighten people and using it to make money and to other they starts blogging as a way of communicating their business ideas or what they are dealings to the best knowledge of the masses.

All this trend is widely accepted on blogging. This is reason corporates organizations, individual and popularity are capitalizing on blog to uses the opportunity to get closer to their clients, friends, colleague and potentials customer.

There are many bloggers on the internet today that makes a decent living just by blogging. If you want to make money out of your blogging, it is important to remember that not every blogs out there is right for making money.

To start blogging, you need to ask yourself why going into blog. Every individual have different reasons and opinion on why goes into blog. Some reasons for blogging might be for promoting an online or offline business, some reason may be to start blogging as a personal diary, to help others, to make friends, or for fun, or to become known on blogging and then making money. You known your reasons and you have to determine your purpose.

Now, if you are blogging and going to making money with your blog, then you should able to first know the principles, study other bloggers to understand the ways you can start earning in blogging.

Let's discuss some of the ways we can start blogging and making money.

1. Firstly, Affiliate Programs. You can earn money directly and indirect from your blog when you affiliate. One of the great way to earn income from your blog is through affiliate program. You can start afiliating with some organization to earn income by promoting their business and the products.

This afiliate program works by getting a commission for referring a visitor or reader from your blog website to buy a product or service from the company you already signed up as an affiliate. To succeed in this method, you have to choose an affiliate that is related to the topics you discussed on your blog website. This is simply because people viewing your blog are targeted visitors. Therefore, you can not afiliate on medical health when you know that your blog webite and your title is all about computers or technology update. Also your blog site can't be on mechanical tools or auto mobile and affiliate with a food store.  That's contrary.

You have to affiliate with what related to your blog website or related to your title discussed on your blog. It might seem ridiculous asking the opinon of your readers for a tip, though it may work if you already have a good large number of a loyal readers coming to your blog and that are actively particupating on your discussed topic you already posted. You have to choose your affiliate program wisely. See: Turn Your Blog Into Cash With Affiliate Markecting

2. Secondly, Start Selling. This is another way to blogging and make money out of your blogs. Once you have set-up your blog and you start having visitors coming to viewing your post, then you have every opportunity to start selling something, any kind of your products and services in your blog.

You can begins to display something to sell in form of text or by image banner display on your blog. You can sell shoes, clothes, or anything sellable and other small item that you can personalize on your blog.

If you are creatives, you can create a design to display of such items or whatever you want to sell on your blog with a very attractive banner for your readers to see. If your readers are loyal to your blog and they see a nice banner of your products for sales on your blog website, they may want to buy whatever you're selling that will make them feel belong. Remember, this will also create awareness for other visitors coming to your blog to know there's something available for them to buy whenever they visited your blog website.

3. Selling of Template Designs. If you are good in designing template or you already have one to sell, you can start to sell them by display in text or banner for sales on your blog. This is another opportunity of blogging and making money out of your blog.

You can start to advertise of your custom template designed or theme for sale on your blog for other newly young blogger to buy from you.

There are many bloggers out there looking for a theme or custom template design to buy for their newly setup blog or website, they can patronize you once you place them on your blog website to sell.

4. Selling Blogs is another way to make money out of your blog. Many bloggers are looking for this opportunity because not everyone going into blogging are capable of set-up or create a blog. To enable you achieve this, you may need to create a great website in order for it to sell. You should also have a large readership to make this work for you.

You can successfully sell blogs in an auction sites, many buyers will take a look at your own blog website first to see if there are large number of readers for your blog and also determine to look at the quality of the website you're auctioning. This is great cash for you if they eventually patronize you.

5. Selling Advert Space. You have many great opportunity as a blogger. Blogging and making money by selling adverts space on your blog website is one of the advantage of being a blogger. So many people has been making money selling adverts space for other to place their advertisements on their blog website. If you have a good number of viewers visiting your blog you can also advertise a space for adverts on your blog. There are many companies out there who are looking for such a opportunity, website space where to advertise their businesses. Once you have a large number of visitors veiwing your blog daily, you can place advert to sell space for advertisement on your blog, the buyer might be among the readers or directed by someone to your blog site.

6. Be Hire As A Professional Writer. This is another way of making money with your blog to become a profeessioal writer. You can be hire by someone to write an article for them. Some of your readers might be someone who is seeking for writers to employ. If you write a good article about a specific topic in your blog, these people may probably hire you to write for them too, either for their website or as a freelance writer for a newspaper or magazine. Your skills are discovered through your blogging and you have to also build your reputation for this to work.

More so, you can be hire to create a blog website for people. It is not every blogger that know how to design a blog. Some company can also hires you to do a blog work for them, and this is a fat opportunity for you to make lot of good money out of your blogging skill.

You know, your blog should able to attractive and have large number of readers because those are the factor that will detrrmine your profession also and then to bring more people to hire you.

7. Speaking Opportunity. This is another opportunity in blogging to make money through speaking opportunities. You have to be impress your readers through your blogging activities, teaching and tutorial on your variety topic you published on blog. This make some of your readers to know you, trust you and be loyal to you.

Some of your readers can sometimes be looking for someone to speak for them at a particular seminar or workshops. Some of this speaking opportunity can be on payment to pay you or for free. If eventually seminar speaking is free, ensure not to reject the offer because it will be a beneficial for your reputation. Once you have build your reputation, more offer will come in many ways to offering you good payment for your speaking services.

There are many and more various ways you can earn money blogging. You can also earn mone in your blog by placing an adverts by sign-up from Google Adsense, Adquet, Ad5ve. Kiosk, and many more- See: How to Make Profit With Your Blog

Now that you have know the ideas of blogging and making money out of your blog, you have to look for more ways, study them to know more and how to generate money on your blog especially according to your skill in blogging.

You can read more of related topics post on this blog and share with your friends.

Good luck!

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