Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WhatsApp Updates: How to Check and Uncheck Share My Account Information With Facebook

 WhatsApp Updates: How to Check And Unchecked Share My Account Information With Facebook

I received an message from my WhatsApp requesting that I should update my WhatsApp Account and that it is now in partnership with Facebook. The updating is requesting agree to WhatsApp new terms and condition which will allow to start sharing WhatsApp of all Users information, Chats, Phones numbers and messages with Facebook to improve Facebook ads and products experiences. 

WhatsApp has been criticised for changing their privacy policy after when they sealed the agreement to be partnership with Facebook in 2014.

WhatsApp who has been known as a social media for never to share users information has defended the move that the needs to share some data with Facebook is to help test of its new features such as new services where users can have opportunity to receive notifications from banks, or fraud alert and other information that will help fight against spam on WhatsApp.

It was also said that the move to start sharing users information by connecting their phones number with Facebook will also enable them to do things like tracking about how users use their services and with Facebook system users will able to have more suggestion friends connecting to them.

If you agree with the update, your WhatsApp Account will now be share with Facebook but that does not stop all your chats and phones numbers not to be share as well. You have to read the privacy policy before agreeing to their new updates.

When you eventually agree, you will go to your Settings Account where you will see the option to allow sharing of your information on Facebook have been already checked there for you. If you want to be share on Facebook you can leave it as checked but if you don't want to remain checked you have just between now and September ending to change it by (uncheck it), otherwise you will not be able to do that again in nearest future. Its another attempt to start sharing your WhatsApp information on Facebook which you will not be able to have opportunity to control over anymore.

To unchecked WhatsApp information sharing with Facebook;

1. Open your WhatsApp.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on Account

4. You will see "Share My Account info".

Under you will see share my account information from WhatsApp with Facebook

5. Quickly click to unchecked it by switch it off.

That's if you approve to the new WhatsApp update but just to be sure and have safe check on your current settings. Remember, you have only few days to do this before September ending as you will not be able to have opportunity to change it again in the future.

Share this information with your friends via share button and on your WhatsApp contact.

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