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WhatsApp Updates: How to Check and Uncheck Share My Account Information With Facebook

I received an message from my WhatsApp requesting that I should update my WhatsApp Account and that it is now in partnership with Facebook. The updating is requesting agree to WhatsApp new terms and condition which will allow to start sharing WhatsApp of all Users information, Chats, Phones numbers and messages with Facebook to improve Facebook ads and products experiences.

How to Drive Traffic to Squeeze Page

Now that you know How to Create Squeeze Webpage, it is necessary to know the method of driving visitors (traffic) to website sales page through your created squeeze page.

The sales page is our website page that talked about the products and services we displayed on our website to offered, or introduce for sales to the public. We need to know the techniques to use by driving our visitors to it through our design squeeze page.

What You Need to Know About HTTP?

HTTP is known as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and it is use for digital document transfer of a hyperlink on a World Wide Webs (WWW). There is need to know the difference between Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured (HTTPS). Many of us do not aware of this differences but it worth to know so you will know the kind of information we need to entering when next we are on the webs.

Do You Want to Swap Your Old Phone to New Brand Phone? Visit Micro-Station

This is an opportunity for as many who want to change their old cell-phone or upgrade their mobile phone to a new brand phone. Micro-Station offered the opportunity for all mobile users to visit their stores for exchange of their old mobile cell phone for a brand new phone at the store market.





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