Friday, July 22, 2016

How to Save A Phone That Falls Into The Water

How to Save A Phone That Falls Into The Water

When you discover on a suddenly that your mobile phone drop into water, we will feel very bad and dismay because we don’t know what to do at that particular time.
There is no how you will not have a problem in one way on the other whether your phone fall on the ground mistakenly or unknowingly, or in other way something else happen to it.

It is somehow when phone mistakenly dropped into water and next you see someone trying to put phone near fire to dry and in the process phone get burned. While some spread it on the sun to dry but one way on the other it get totally affected not to work again by too much of sun.

However, there’s a solution to very problems but depend on the yardstick one use to put solution to that problem. You just have to be calm and relax, so that your cell phone can come back to function as it were before, if you patiently follow the simple step. 

Though, there are other methods applied in solving this problem of a phone falling into water which works for some and doesn’t work for others. Also there is an opportunity to visit Google to teach you other method and to know what to do whenever you fall victim of a phone falling into water. 

Let’s therefore look at the simple few tips to know what to do when phone drop into water.
Tip #1 Do not Switch On the Phone

When taking the phone out of water do not switch it on or plug it to electricity light to charge to avoid electricity choking because component inside needs to be dry. Then try clean the water from the body first.  

Tip # 2 Remove all the Removable Parts

Remove any removable parts from the phone such as casing, battery, SIM card and your microSD card inside immediately before dehydrated it.
Tip # 3 Dry Your Phone Thoroughly

To dehydrate your cell phone you need to use any drying machine like hair dryer to heat the phone and dry it thoroughly or use any other device to dry the phone in a moderate way.

Tip # 4 Draw Out Moisture With Rice

When dried up phone thoroughly, draw out dried raw rice in a bowl and position your phone inside it, or put your phone into hard nylon and pour raw rice to cover it up, then seal it up to stay and leave it for two to maximum of three days. Thereafter, check out to switch on your phone working perfectly. 

NB. This method is not sometime work for others but always Google to see more solution how to handle your mobile phone when drop into water.

You can click on this link to watch the VIDEO to know how to protect your mobile phone when drop into water.

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