Friday, June 17, 2016

How to Use Multiple Social Media WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram On Single Phone

Using Multiple Social Media On Single Phone

Technology is improving every day to make life easy for our living. We need to use this opportunity to enjoy using them to make our communication better. This is a great chance for those that operate multiples accounts of social media on their phone. If you are using two accounts of WhatsApp, facebook, instagram, and other social networking you can make use of all these Apps on one single phone at a time.

This mean that you can use the whole of your social Apps on one single phone at a go to communicate with your friends and love once with multiple social accounts without exchanging or sharing Apps with any other phone.

There is an application called “Parallel Space” that gather all your social Apps together in one single place in a folder that used by various apps running inside it. The Parallel Space app can permit all the social apps installed on your phone to be running in single location and allow all your social networking to be functioning, and receiving messages at a time.

The Apps will make it work perfectly to allow using two social accounts with one device at a time and you can only be online simultaneously switching with one tap on different accounts on same phone.

There are supposed to be a different phone to be using from each of your single social apps like WhatsApp, facebook, instagram and others social media. Parallel Space is so powerful to allow those of your different accounts to work together on single phone at a time. 

Kindly note that same account cannot work but only different accounts on a single phone can work together while using this apps with Parallel Space.
To get this app you have to visit Google Play Store to download the app and search for “Parallel Space” to download on your phone or to your PC.

It is very enjoyable to use once download and install on your phone or PC. You have to add your new account of social app in the parallel space app folder and store them before it can begins to function.

More observation about the App is that if you have multiples account of WhatsApp or facebook and other social networking, it will bring all other account together in one location “Folder” and all the apps will be running together simultaneously inside it. You can check all your added apps in storage or task manager in control center in the Parallel Space folder.

Again, if you are using Web WhatsApp and you’ve already downloaded Bluestack Apps Player on your PC, you can visit Google Play Store to download “Parallel Space App”. If you download and install parallel space app on your Web WhatsApp PC, all other social app; facebook and WhatsApp with another account will start to work too. Kindly check How to Use WhatsApp On Your Laptop to know more about Web WhatsApp.

That’s all
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