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How to Create Squeeze Webpage

How to Create Squeeze Webpage

In this post am going to discuss how to create squeeze webpage for our website in a simple way that can be use to building our email list.

The opt-in list is very essential on website. it is a simple list building techniques that make us have a responsive email of our subscribers for receiving newsletters or our daily post into their submitted email addresses on the website.

Squeeze page is a kind of designed triangle box hanged in the middle of any website page as a lead generation page with an attractive background in the center page for collection of our email subscribers.

You know, squeeze page is one of the most common types of landing page typically use by many webmaster today for collection of visitors email addresses and names, because it requires peoples name and their email address. Yet, it is our greatest tool to convert any of those visitors into our subscribers. Generally, it also offers something freely to whosoever submits their information to encourage participation.   

To have effective squeeze page we must use simple basic design, starting with a captivating headline with design form that requested for filling names and email addresses. Apart from that, squeeze page must include image of free giveaway products, call to action, privacy policy and possibly adding an introductory video for more attraction.
However, if you are selling online and you want to increase your online sales, or more visitors for your website, you need to use squeeze page on your website. Of course, there are professional who design squeeze page with a token if you have cash to invest you can source for them. Better still there are a lot of free ways to get effective squeeze page freely to use on any of webpage.

Here am going to discuss below two kinds of simple best squeeze page you can use with no or little technical experience.
1. Free Templates Design System
There is no need to have any kind of special web designs skills before one can create a squeeze page. Free templates are full of systems that not only contain great designs but also allow anyone to easily customize the designs personally with such as social media, testing, tracking, and other features built in to make one enjoy creating the squeeze page.
There are tons of free squeeze page templates built in available that we can use to customize and create an endless variety of pages on our website. All to do is Google search engine for "Free squeeze page templates" to select your choice. Better still we can also get free template here at but need to sign-up, and follow the instruction to set up the simple squeeze page design that suite you. Just to spend a little time with the templates tools until you generate the best squeeze page that satisfied you.
2. WordPress Platform And Plugin
If you are looking for simplest way to get a squeeze page, Wordpress plugin is also a good place to start. If you don't use Wordpress blog, all to do is to install Wordpress software and you are good to go. There is Youtube video on Google that teach how to install Wordpress. There are also different ways we can use it to create effective landing page. These pages can stand alone or can be integrated into blog or website built on Wordpress platform.
The plug-in allow to make beautiful pages on Wordpress using visual editor without any code and built-in template. It can also track conversation rates, clone pages to tweak for A/B split test and more.
There are also plenty of free manuals and paid Wordpress squeeze page theme on internet, Google to find one you can use. Meanwhile, we can still sources for free and paid Wordpress theme squeeze page possible to use through these sites below;
More so, if you are internet marketer or selling online to genuinely make profit, you will need the service of email marketing software like auto-responder, or other email marketing campaign from other companies to send email daily in bulk to lists of your subscribers once the squeeze page is already alive.
Now assuming that you have already design your sales webpage at hand, you will also need additional tools like domain name and hosting account to upload your set up sales pages to your web server. You need to register for domain to make it your own and choose domain name either with .com, .org, .net, that will make the webpage to be recognized on the web.  
Though, there are many domain registrant companies available, I recommend the following websites for your domain and hosting; Bluehost, Namecheap, Godadday, Qservers and Intelweb because their service is very unique. These companies offered both domain names registration and hosting plan with a cheapest rate that is convenient for you. Choose to register with anyone that satisfies you. Just ensure that the hosting company you choose supported with c-panel system. Don't worry there always on video to tech you on it how to use c-panel should in case you are not familiar with the usage.
Finally, now that you have registered your domain name that you want to be identified on the internet and hosting account is available, you can go ahead to upload your designed Squeeze page, Sales page, Thank you page and download page to your hosting account. Don't worry inside  your hosting account, there's a training video that teach how to upload your files into your c-panel and to familiar with the usage. Now your website is ALIVE on air.
That's all!
Hope you find this interesting! Kindly share this post to friends.   

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