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How to Track Readers And Know Who Visits Your Blog

If you are blogger or daily writer online journals, keeping track on any of the visitors who read your blog can be a great way to see who visits your blog or where the visitors are coming to read a particular post on your blog. Though, there are many ways you can keep track on readers that visited your blog. Blog hit counters; visitor tracking, referrers or keywords are all what can help us to know if someone has actually visited our blog to read our content.

How to Track Readers And Know Who Visits Your Blog
When you set up your blog, you already probably have it in mind the kind of blog to start. Successful blogging starts with good content writing with a title that appeals to your readers. Also, it is not necessary to write the entire topics or anything that comes to mind but some topic that attract your reader to your blog.

There several blog companies available that you can choose from to start your blog. The popular used among blog hosting are blogger and Wordpress, but there’s need to study the one appropriate for you to know your choice See: Creating Your Own Blogging Site Can Make You Money

Some web blog hosting sites will offer free service to own your blog, but have a minimum features. Other blog sites might cost, but blogger offer services to keep track of your visitors. You can see this post to know How to Insert Traffic Feed On Your website
Firstly, to keep track of visitors who viewed our blog or read our posts is to understanding kind of visits the blog and to help us know what the readers are looking for in the blog website.

Secondly, reason we might want to keep tracking of the visitors is to increase the targeted traffic, and able to know if our blog are reaching the target audience. This is very important especially for advertising companies or blog companies to know if their blog is really reaching the targeted audience for their products and services.

Thirdly, to know the location where such visitors or readers are coming from and also to detect particularly page viewed.

Fourth, to know through way such a visitors get to know, hear about or see the blog and our posts, whether through Google search engine, MSN or yahoo, or from social media or friends, through referrals, or means of other search engines.

The two ways you can keep track on our readers is by visitors’ tracker and keyword tracker. Visitor tracker works same way as a keyword tracker do but the difference however, is that visitor tracker provide information in statistics, and display those information about where visitors are coming from, and the pages viewed. It usually gives information in a tables or graphical ways to easily understand, if one need to see where actually the visitors are coming from to view the blog.

Keyword trackers are also a good idea. If you don’t know about keyword, it helps to get your blog listed on search engines. It is the keyword that makes the visitors to locate our blog. Keyword tracker is important for businesses that need to reach out to large potential consumers. A good keyword tracker can also help blog website to organize and to determine which keywords are most popular with the readers. Keyword trackers can be downloaded freely, you can Google for it.

If you hosted your blog on free service, you will have blog hit counter to keep track on your visitors. A blog hit counter is one way to keep track of the amount of visitors that comes to read your blog. But if you do not have any blog hit counter, you can then add tracking option to your blog, that’s one of the blog features. Most of the blog do have a lot of features, but you have to insert them on your widget page to appear either on right or left side bar of the blog. So, if your blog hosting site does not offer a blog hit counter feature, one can easily be downloaded or added one to the page from another site.

Blog hit counters are usually small boxes at the very end of a web page that updates with a number every time your blog site is hit. But there other trackers downloaded from another site that provides the result to the site owners in a statistics reports and in graphs to illustrate your blog activity. It’s also work to show where the readers are coming from or finding the blog.

There are free sites that offer counters for blog pages. You can register with any of them, download and install directly into your blog templates HTML/java script that’s all.  Also try some of these sites too at,,, or through Google Analytics at, then you will able to see live traffic and where the visitors are coming to view your blog.

More so, another way blogger can keep track on their readers is to include a comment box section at the end of the blog page. This is also important that you insert comment section on your blog to have your reader’s feedback. Though, not all readers would like to leave comment but at least some will leave a comment and will helps to gain feedback about your blog site. Creating a comment section allow the site owners to understand the readers that frequently visits the site, and to have the knowledge about the kind of content your readers always wanted to read or view by a particular visitors.

All this information will gives an accurate count to know how many visitors you have to your blog and how they find your blog. If you are not much worried about keywords, and you want to get details information about your readers, then check on your blog counter or find downloaded counter that you can install to get your information. This is the easiest way to know how to track your readers and see who visited your blog.

Hope you get all that!

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