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Mistakes That BLOGGERS Do In Blogging

Mistakes THat BLOGGERS Do In Blogging

If you are just entering into the world of blogging, or you already started blogging and discovered that things are not working out as you expected, it will be that you need to spend some time understanding some of the common mistakes bloggers do, mistakes that make it hard to enjoy your blogging.

Starting blogging newly don’t have to be perfect but consistently blogging to know what it takes to be on the right side in your blogging business make you a successful blogger. Considered below are some of those common mistakes new blogger do and how to overcome them.

 1. Not Patience Enough:

Many bloggers are so hurried to get started blogging without taking some steps to discover other bloggers to know how they get started rather jumping into blogging. You need to take time to read a dozen of different blogs, taking notes on the theme, templates, layout and all other ideas of what appeal to the readers to visit such a blog before starting your own blogging.

Don’t be eager to start blogging because you heard of other whom already into blogging are making money.  Of course, you will make money but that require a large number of traffic to your blog. Besides, you need to establish a trust and have a specific focus for your blogging at first. It is a focus that will reflects what your blog stands for, what you know that interests you, or what you enjoy talking about, or things to start writing about on your blog.

You need time to write, edit and gather your information, and to know what interests you when you eventually starting blogging. There’s no topic that is limits in blogging and yours topic could be on religious, relationships, sexual, tutorial, blogging tips, technologies, training, fashions and life styles, health and nutritional, comedy, business, or entrepreneur etc. These are to be consideration before taking decision on blogging.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

If you start blogging and you are expecting immediate results, you may be disappointed. You know it might not be as easy as you think of having much reader viewing your blog all the time. And, if you expecting making money blogging, you may also be surprise that nothing come instantly as expected. It is not that you won’t make money or not having visitor coming but you have a lot of role to play before you begin to see results coming.

Don’t forget there are thousands of blogs online viewings by thousands of audience. So, you need a lot of skill to have your blog place in the front of so many audiences. When I started blogging, I wasn’t getting a result I was expected immediately, but it took me much effort before people begin to notice my posts and my blog begin to go around. If you write good content and people find your title posts appealing and interesting, then you will certainly have a lot of comments and complimentary from your readers. When you have large readers visiting your blog and people likes your content, your blog will be promoted and view by more people.

3. Inappropriate of URL Host Name

This is very important but many people are badly choosing the URL address. When choosing blog site address, you need to choose appropriately. You need appropriate host for your blog. There are many hosts that offer free services; look for them, while some are charge with a small amount every month or per annual for hosting your blog name. 

You need to choose carefully, some are simple to use with variety of features, while some require more knowledge to operate. Once you have successfully established your blog address (your URL) then start writing your content and publishing, your readership will increase and visitors will regularly coming to view your blog.

In establishing your blog URL address, you may decide to use your real name or company name that suite you to use on your blog, that depends on your opinion how you want to be address and publicly identified. You can do your search to know the best name right for you.

If host your blog on free services like or Wordpress, your blog may be address with whatever name you want like or and if on Wordpress will be something like or You choose whichever one appropriate for you. 

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More so, if you desire to use your blog URL on charge service, then look for one to register and purchase a domain name for your blog website to publicly be identified. You only need domain name which is different from free hosting services and usually display as or To find good cheap and accurate services to customize your blog domain, you can contact me and I’ll do that for you with little charges.

4. Use of Strict Tone

Writing your post does not require you using a kind of official tone or formal grammar rules. The use of an official tone can be seem tired and boring, and then people may not find your post interesting. Using a casual tone is the most interesting in writing content on blogging. Write exactly the way you talk as being in conversation with your friends and not the way you suppose to speak. Using of humor and slang words rather than using a “proper tone” is great way for your blog to widely reach to number of large viewers.

If you want your blog to be popular and successful, using a causal tone and other personality characteristics in your writing will always bring people to keep coming back to read more and your newest post.

5. Losing Interest

As a blogger, you know reason you are into blogging and that focus has to remain for doing so. The reason starting blog might be to express your opinion on a particular topic to the public or communicating your daily activities online with the group of your friends. Therefore, there is no need of losing attention or your focus in blogging.

There are more than thousands of blogs online views by millions of people everyday. Do you think anyone will find your subject interesting if doesn’t appealing to readers? You need not to write on too broad topics or on many topics that will make your content bore to your readers.  Readers will view your posts on first time if your content appealing to them, they may leave comments and come back or forever leave without check back again.

You don’t have to write every day. If you have many topics to write, the idea is that you can schedule your title in order to reduce headache of writing bore content. Once you establish a topic, start writing using casual tone or humor to get attention of your readers on your blog. 

6. Not Taking Time to Edit

Many bloggers do under-estimate the time to edit and to cross checking the spelling error after writing. If you don’t edit the grammatical errors, your post will never go perfect and go wide to audience.

I worked for about three to six hours on my blog and at times in the night because that’s the only way I believe I would have free from any kind of distraction. So, I take time to write, edit and ensure I really getting the idea I always wanted to share with others before go on publish. And if were to look at the tough time involved, I would have quit blogging but passion is there to continue.

No matter how experienced writers you are, you need to take time editing your writing. Ensure that you fix all the typo errors, mistakes, checking the spelling and other sentences to flow on your outline.

If possible you publish your post in a hurried without checking the correctness and all the typo skip through, there’s always an opportunity for you to update your post and correct all left error on it to make your content reach and perfectly done.

7. Forgetting to Share After Publish

It is not only advisable to write, publish and after you sit back doing nothing. No! It wasn’t done like that. You need to be the first person to share your content and let it spread across your audience on any social media. There are many social media you can share your content personally before your readers can be aware, view your blog, makes comment, likes and share them also to others. 

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More so, you can ping your blog personally to enable your blog URL address be see on every search engine directories and that gives you more clicks to your blog. 

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8. Using Inappropriate Links

It is very important to make use of a link to redirect or refers your readers to particular content mentioned on your post for a view. Sometimes, links do break or not placed well but you need to use a proper link that will direct your visitors to specific page mention in your content or to another website.

Just as I have been using in this post, the links were redirect the readers when click upon to a page or specific topic mentioned for proper understanding. When those links are not properly use or place correctly, readers will be turn off and displeased by invalid links whenever they click on them.

It is better to always updating your blog to check properly if all the links associated with the titles posts and other links on your blog are intact to encourage more views and more traffic to your blog website. 

9. Failure to Respond to Readers Comments

Now you start blogging and visitors start coming to read your post. Know that your traffic deserve the best and they need to be treated well. When your blog appealing to them they will start leaving comments, likes your post and sharing them across the social media. 

You need to appreciate them and reply to whatever feedback they leave down on your comment box about your post. Ignoring or failure to respond will make them feel they are not important. If you responded to their feedback, or any comments and information they leave down on your blog, they will feel appreciated. Don’t be surprised when your readers will start tell their friends, family, and others about information they only can find at your blog when they know they are always appreciated whenever visiting your blog.

Hopefully this will identify the help to enable you blog better!


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