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Essential of Opt-in List On Your Site

An opt-in list is a web-form that used to allows your visitors that visited your website to subscribe for receiving your post updates or newsletter about your products or service you offer on your website. 

How to Get 4G of AIRTEL Data Subscription Plan On Your Phone

If you are Airtel users, you are about to discover how to get 4GB of data plan to use on your phone and you can also connected to use on your PC.The Airtel 4G subscriptions plan is for blackberry phones but can also be use on any Android phones and it works on any devices. The subscription works for two months once it is configured and it is selective in some part of Airtel SIM card.

How to Share, Transfer And Receive WhatsApp Message On Phone With Your PC

I recently share a post how to use WhatsApp Web on your Android phone with your PC see: How to Use WhatsApp On Your Laptop.If you have started using WhatAspp on your PC, you as well know how you can sync, share and transfer WhatsApp messages between your Android phone and your PC. You can see all your WhatsApp messages; photos and video files receive on your phone at the same time on your PC. This method is similar to whatsApp Web but doesn’t necessary require you to go to your WhatsApp Web.





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