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10 Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website Through Search Engine

10 Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website Through Search Engine

Everyone wants to generate traffic one way on the other to the blog site. Every blogger and website owner want his or her blogs post to be find on search engine, hence increases more visitors to their blog. Of course, there are some other methods to generate traffic but all depends on the marketing campaign you use to drive visitors to your blog.

Many blogger believe it is just only to blog and publish the post then nothing more. If you published your posts without doing anything on your blog, your blog URL and post will not be listed on any search engine. Then you will be losing a lot of readers to view your blog. 

For any search engine to crawl or indexed your blog webpage, your need to have Meta Description of your blog site, and that will enable any search engine to find your blogs on SEO. See- How to Add Meta Description to Blogger 

If you submit your blog URL and RSS feeds to search engine directories, it will be indexed and have backlinks to your website.

Here below would be some of the few methods we can pick from list of 10 ways to generate traffic our your blog. Test to know how they work for you and apply some of these methods to drive readers to your blog site.

  Creating Good Keyword  
Most bloggers don’t know that it is important to create keyword. Keyword helps people to locate our blog whenever people are searching for a particular thing in the search engine. You can create at least four to five keywords per day, and you’ll see the result when visitors start visiting your blog.

  Ping Your Blog 
Use site like Ping-O-matic to ping your blog site and RSS feed whenever you write new post or update on your blog. I always do this to make each of my post circulated to many search engine directories. once ping your post with your blog site links, It will submitted your blog and feed to 15 different search engine and 4 specialized services.

  Use Free Web Submission 
Free Web Submission automatically submits your website blog to many search engines. Free Web Submission uses auto submission to freely submit your blogs to high-rated 50 top Free Internet Search Engines and Directories, which include,,, Yahoo and Bing. You can click the link here to start submitting your url now immediately.

  Submitting to Google Sitemap Search Console 
If you use you must submit your blog URL to Google Sitemap Search Console tool. Google Webmaster Tool must verify your ownership before you can be allow to submit your website. Google Webmaster Tool is free tools that control your blog website from the search engine. If your blog site is already verified you can logged into your webmaster tool dashboard, click here to access to Google search console. Once logged into search console showing your blog website address at your right hand side, then click on “Add/test sitemap” where you will type this: /sitemap.xml and submit.

Once submitted, sitemap will generate all your blog WebPages within the 24hours and you will start seeing your entire blog site index and how many links Google has indexed your blogs.

 Submit Your Blog Website to is a suggest listing web directories search engine that submitted your blog url to over 100 plus Search Engines and popular sites. It helps to increases visibility and improve SEO in search engine. You will have your blog submission to many search engine like MSN,,,,,, AOL, Altavisa, and Alexa. has an 10,000 Alexa and improving. Visit and you will have your site submitted strait away with 6-24 hours and with email confirmation. It has two options, standard plan and pay plan. Standard plan is a free submission where you have to referral back to them by placing an HTML code to your blog site while pay plan is for payment schedule plan.

  Submit Your Blog to Digg 
This is another important submission directories. You will need to sign-up freely before you can start your submission. You only sign-up either with your Gmail or facebook account. Once signing-up, then go down to the bottom to see submit your link, there you can submit as many of your webpage and each of your post url on it as much as possible. If you are so luck enough that your blog post is pick, then it will be publish and you’ll have more traffic coming from 

  Submit your blog to Bing 
Submitting to Bing webmaster tools make your blog post to be index and see on Bing search engine. Bing search engine is owned by Microsoft and a lot of traffic also comes from there. It is opportunity to have more traffic coming from there too if you submit your blog. this will make all your blog to be listed in the entire search engine. You must sign-up an account with Bing Webmaster Tools to start adding your blog to search engine. 

  Submit to PingMyUrl  
This is also a free submission service that automatically add your blog url link to 1,418 different websites. I love this PingMyUrl a lot because it also has a social pinging that you can use to ping to many other social network. You have two option doing this once you are there, enter your blog url and copy the code given in the box to add back to your blog or website for supporting their free service.  

Pingmyurl offer other service to make your submission interesting and that you can use to ping your blogs, like search ping, social ping, Google ping, Url Opener, site value Calculator and other Directory. You can visit PingMyUrl website to start enjoying these GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

  Use Free Search Engine Submission  
The free search engine is a tool that helps to build traffic for your blog website through their search engine. It can submit your blog URLs to 40+ plus of most popular search engine freely. Free-Web-Submission offers different free web submission, search engine submission, URL submission, Google URL submission and other services. You can click here to get started for their fast automated submission tools to various search engines.

  Make Comments On Other Blogs 
Making unique comments on other blogs make backlinks to your website. When you constantly make some comments and not lazy comment on other blog in such a way that the replies will force the reader to wonder and visited back to your blog site will bring traffic and backlink to your blog website.

Hope these ten information will be helpful to you to start generating traffic and having more visitors coming to your blog.

Feel free to share your opinion and your comment is highly welcome. Ensure you share this post with your friends to get this great information.


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