Friday, November 06, 2015

Creating A Prefer Future

Creating A Prefer Future

I had a long conversation with a friend about the future and the world we live. Our focus of discussion happened to be center on the economy situation, so we talked about the potential for inflation, the future, suddenly increases in our economy and the impact on our investments. It was a great fun discussion and our conversation wondered all over the topics in “Creating a Prefer Future”.

Today, technology changes everything, every single day. The financial system and markets fluctuate more speedily and with more impact than ever. The changes in our economy choices make impact on our lives. The slow-down in economy affected interest rates, consumer prices are high, the new fiscal policies have influence on every businesses and everyone sees thing in a different ways. And, I understand that all these change have impact on our living.

It happen, but to believe outside influences also play a role, and the most part is that, how we use our precious time, invest our money, and what we focus on, inevitably we creates the life we live.

Most time, we often hear that our present circumstances are the sum total of our beliefs and our actions in the past. The future always builds on the present, and the present is the result of the past choices, our habits, investments and patterns.  So, what we have today is a reflection of all the choices we've made in the past because our past is the very best predictor of the future performance.  For better or worse, gradually we've built the life we have today.

Every day, our actions take us slightly closer to our goals, and we end up one day further away. We move either in the direction we choose to go, or we drift with the trends, the opinions and the pressures of people around us. Seldom, does anyone decision have a great impact, but the cumulative effect is undeniable. Day by day, as we grow, we create our own lives.

The year is coming to an end, but can you boastfully say you’ve done something tangible   this year. What life has taught me? What have I achieve this year? Where am I stronger, wiser, or skillful? How will I take better advantage or better opportunity next coming year? These questions are usually best answered over time within mind and our thought.

There are billions of people out there that are pregnant with great potential, and with purpose that can never be realized. Just beyond the veil of their ignorance is the power to create the future, but some of them are unable to see their own uniqueness. 

You don’t try to copy someone else’s exact “path to success”. There’s no one that can compete with your uniqueness and that of your potential, because no one can never be like you. You were born to do something that has never been done before; the path to get there will be unique. 

Successful people stay focus. Successful people stay awake. They work hard and hope for the best. They look for the way to change their life for better. They prepare themselves for it. They are always thinking about the new plan to adapt.  They are always thinking about new ideas to explore, new ideas to create a job, and looking for new opportunity to make more money. They always thinking of how to ride on the winds of change and use the advantage to create the exactly future they prefer.

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