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How to Back-Up SIM And Phone Contacts On MTN

  SIM And Phone Backup On MTN

Recently, I share on how to enable SIM lock on your phone to protect your data from being fall into wrong hands, or someone else using your information even when your phone is lost. If you lost your phone or misplaced, you need to use window tool find my phone to locate it. See “Find My Phone”.

It is no longer news that MTN is offered SIM and phone contacts Backup to all their subscribers. Whenever we lost our phone, our worry is not the phone but all the contacts and information stored on it. If you then do a SIM recover, all contacts and information is left empty. So MTN Nigeria has provides a secure service whereby every subscribers can keep all SIM contacts and information safe with them. 

The service enables all subscribers to have a simple way to keep all their phone and SIM contacts, calendar and other data safe in a secure place-- MTN online account. You can backup contacts up to 200 of your SIM card address book, and contacts of 5,000 of your mobile phone, if your mobile can take up to that figure. 

This means that, if anything happen to your mobile phone either lost or your SIM damage; you can easily restore all your stored data and information back to your new mobile phone and SIM card.

The SIM and phone backup service is compatible with all kind of phone except Window Operating System (OS) phone that allow only SIM contacts. See: MTN Backup FAQ
To get started with MTN Backup service visit: MTN Nigeria to sign up with your number in this format (+234803 xxx xxxx or +234806 xxx xxxx) as your username and password to enable the backup service. You can also send message from your mobile phone “Start” to 307 to configure MTN backup service from your phone.

MTN Back-Up Login

MTN charge new customers N100 for Backup Service at first attempt while N50 apply for recurrent backup on every 2weeks (14days), but don’t worry you can disable automatic backup by sending “stop” to 307 to avoid frequently charge.

If you’re existing customers, MTN charge N50 for MTN Backup service whenever you want to add new contacts on your backup. 

This is a very unique because whenever you lost your phone, it is not only hardware that lost, all your stored contacts and information are also lost. So, if you’re lucky to enable backup on all your contacts, you can be rest assure that you will definitely recover all your information back. 
Now that you have backup your SIM and phone contacts, you can visit: to sign in with your mobile number e.g (+234803 xxx xxxx) and your password whenever you want to update and retrieve all your contacts back to your new SIM and mobile phone. Just go to device where you recently backup with your match mobile phone, you will click on backup now to update any new latest changes and click on recover now whenever you want to recover your contacts back to your new SIM and phone.

MTN Back-UpMTN Line Back-up
You will be notify as soon as the operation is completed and thank you message will be send to you immediately you click on Ok.
That's all!

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