28 October, 2015

How to Back-Up SIM And Phone Contacts On MTN

  SIM And Phone Backup On MTN

Recently, I share on how to enable SIM lock on your phone to protect your data from being fall into wrong hands, or someone else using your information even when your phone is lost. If you lost your phone or misplaced, you need to use window tool find my phone to locate it. See “Find My Phone”.

21 October, 2015

How to Add Meta Description to Blogger

  How to Add Meta Description to Blogger

Many bloggers do not know that adding Meta Description in blogger is very essential that it form good part of Search Optimization Engine (SEO) for their blog.

Well, the purpose of Meta Description is for people to locate your blog and search for all your posts in search result, and that gives you more clicks from people visiting any Search Engine to find your blogs listed. 

16 October, 2015

How to Enable SIM Lock On Iphone

How to Enable SIM Lock On Iphone

To enable SIM card lock on your phone device is important to protect your SIM data and your valuable information. Many people do use password to lock their phone screen and forget to use SIM lock to protect data of their device.

How to Add Facebook Timeline Photo Cover

How to Add Facebook Timeline Photo Cover

Facebook timeline cover is a large photo display at top above of your profile. When you open facebook account newly its always blank but you need to use a design image or picture that suite your style to use as your background profile.

Facebook cover photo are public display which mean anyone visiting your profile will able to see them.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Or Error Message On Android Phone

How to Fix Insufficient Storage Or Error Message On Android Phone

If you are Android user and you have been seeing an error message of insufficient storage displaying on your Android Smartphone or tablet- don’t worry you have the space available. But sometime, an error message pop up if you have moved some large amount of media file from the Android device physical storage to a microSD card, and this caused by cache not properly copy or erased.

13 October, 2015

How to Make Network Marketing Work For You

Network Marketing is one of the strategy use by hundred of home business owners today. It is basically way of retailing products by being using independent distributors. The distributors build and manage their own sales by recruiting others to sell products, where each of people in the downline is also a distributor on his own with his sales team.

08 October, 2015

Turn Your Blog Into Cash With Affiliate Marketing

Turn Your Blog Into Cash With Affiliate Marketing

One of the methods of making money with your blog website is promoting of other marketers products known as affiliate. Many bloggers has been denial of approval of Adsense, and this affect them not to think otherwise how to earn any profit from their blog whenever they post on the blogs. 

At times it very pays to work with affiliate program by promoting their products, referring people to their website as an affiliate, and this will make you as a bloggers to establish an income with a commission whenever a sale is made from the click on your website. 

How to Insert Live Traffic Feed On Your Website

Live Traffic Feed
Live Traffic Feed

If you are a blogger and you want to know how your website is generating traffic, you need to place Traffic Live Feed on your blog site to know how and where your traffic is generating.

02 October, 2015

How to Export Post From Wordpress to Blogger

Exporting File From Wordpress to Blogger

If you are Wordpress user and you want to change your from Wordpress.com to Blogger.com, here are some of the steps to export your post to blogger from Wordpress.

==> Log to your Wordpress Dashboard 

Using Tools

==> Click on Tools and Click Export.

==> Click on Start Export

==> Choose what to export (All content/posts/pages/project etc)

==> Click on Download Export File

NOTE: When you click download export button below WordPress will create an XML file for you to save to your computer.

This format, which we call WordPress eXtended RSS or WXR, will contain your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.

Once you’ve saved the download file or your hard disk on your computer, the will be named as (domain.wordpress.2015-10-3 or with domain-name-with-blog-date), you can use the Import function in another to import the content from this site


==> Log to your Blogger Dashboard

==> Go to Setting, and click “Other”

==> Under Blog tool click on Import blog 

Importing post
==> Select “Browse” to upload your import.xml file

==> Click to Import blog.

Don’t forget to uncheck the Box (Automatically publish all imported posts and pages) whether to publish all the posts automatically

That’s all!



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