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7 Ways to Make Money With Opt-in List

An opt-in list is a web-form placed on your website that allows your visitors who launch on, or view your website to subscribe and sign-up for receiving your newsletters, and updates about your products and services directly into their submitted email address box.

When you allow opt-in on your website, you are giving your visitors and viewers who opened your web-page opportunity to constantly receiving and follow-up your niches, products and services you offer on you site whenever you updates or new products available on your website.

The main reason for opt-in list is to create records, to keeps the relationship and conversation going with your subscribers who want to constantly receiving updates, and information on your blogs, posts, and niches on your products and services you offered.  

The following are seven ways to make money using Opt-in list.

1.  First Welcoming Email
When your subscriber eventually sign-up on your opt-in list, you need to start communicating with them personally and directly by sending a welcoming email address to them. You need to work on your new relationship with your subscribers immediately they first join your lists. Let them know what to expect or to receive, and how often they will be receiving your email. 

However, your subscriber didn't join your list for your own pleasure and profit. They join because they need a solution to a problem. As such, you need to focus on SOLVING their PROBLEMS. Otherwise you will push them away from sale and, that mean you can earn money with no subscribers on your list. 

More so, you need to have it in mind the kind of content your subscriber will be expecting from you. How often you’ll be sending your content, and determine if you’ll be sending to them manually, or using auto-responder software service to manage your email and your opt list.  Therefore, If should in case you have about up to 500 subscribers on your opt-in list, you may not able to send all the email to them one by one because it will be a waste of time, instead you’ll use auto-responder software email marketing like Get-Response, Mail chimp, Aweber, Constant contact, benchmark, boomerang formget, and others email software marketing to manage your email list service.

Once you could able to focus on solving your subscribers’ problem and build relationship with your first email you send, they will start building trust and confidence in you, which will enable them to constantly open up to read your email letters. So, the more they have much interest in reading your email and conversation, the more the appetite to expect more from your email, which will make them to patronize your product. 

2.  Create An Unannounced Special Bonus 

Creating a unique and special bonus will encourage your subscribers to join or sign-up for your newsletters even, if they don’t have mind of buying any of your products.

You don’t just package a resell right or Private Label Right content, just something unique or that you think can of advantage to give your subscribers. You may probably offer any unannounced package or an incentive as extra bonus to encourage subscribers to join your list or already customers to buy more from the  services you offered. 

You can create valuable e-books, videos, audio track, e-course, or reports for people to subscribe and downloaded as free-gift or package in form of Portable Document Format-PDF, and such materials should be a good content.

It is just a simple step of building a relationship with your subscribers to attract traffic and earn more money from your website. 

3.  Selling of E-Books 

Selling e-books or compiling of articles on your list attracts more traffic to your website. This makes people to subscribe for your opt-in. If your opt-in template is very creative and attractive even with your squeeze page, you can make much money by selling your e-books.

Many people are looking for knowledge, something that can give them solutions, and they are ready to expend out their entire money looking for such genuine information. There are so many articles like how to, tutorial, weight loss, ideas of making money online with illustrations etc, both on audio and video in demand that people will be willing to pay. 

If you build confident and trusts, your subscribers will be ready to purchase any products and service you offered. If you offer an e-books on your site with a reasonable price, indicate the links on your newsletters and email, your subscribers will buy if they see solution on your products. You’ll definitely earn money when your products are genuine and solve their problems through your offer e-books. You’ll discover soon that money is always coming into account. 

4.  Advertisement Placement

Placing adverts can earn you money with your opt-in list. There are many companies that will be willing to pay for ads or banners on your list with many of your subscribers.

When you already have enough compilation of subscribers, you can use them as avenue to earn money from other corporations. Some of these organizations are willing to pay and hire you to help them place ads or banner with your great lists generates from your subscribers. When you're creative with your own newsletters, you can generates visitors for them and such organization will have several clicks on their website.

5.  Creating Network Out On Your List.

When you already have subscribers on your opt list, inform your subscribers to invite other to subscribe to your list. You get people to invite more people to view your site, and get more people subscribe. You can use advertisement display or free gift like free download e-book package display on your site to invite them to subscribe and download immediately once subscribe to your list. The larger people subscribe you have on your list, the more people will click on your links. This make way for you to generate more income from your website. 

6.  Affiliating With Other Companies

Many Internet/Information Marketers forgetting this aspect that affiliating with other website or company earns them money on whatever they’re dealing with on their sites. You can be affiliate with other company or website that relates to the content, or what you offered on your website. Those companies will provide you brief description about their services, email address, subject and their links to send out for them. The company pays you for every click they generate from the links you send out for them from your own subscriber lists. You make money on your opt list from other website or company by being a traffic generator or sending visitor to their site. 

7.  Earning Income As Solo Ads Provider 

Many website marketers are using this privilege to earn more income as solo ads provider with their opt-in list. You can render “Solo Ads Service” to stand in gaps of other company or individual using your list to blast and send out email, newsletters on their behalf to your subscribers. Most company requested for solo ads do provide you their email address, website links to send out, email title/subject of message to send out for them. Sending email as solo ads depend on location as some do request for a specific location like, USA, Canada or other country to targeting their traffic through solo ads email. You can check this links for wonderful smart solo ads,  and Solo ads for mega email address lists, you’ll always earn extra income doing this with your subscribing opt-in list. 

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