Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Find A Lost Phone

It's really terrifying when you suddenly discover that you can't find your phone or it lost. Whether your phone truly lost or misplaced somewhere that cannot be locate, introduced “Find My Phone” to help you lay your worry to rest.

This free service provide by Microsoft is to help you discover your device, lock, erase or show you type of Window Phone on the map.To find your lost phone, you might have already signed up on your phone using Microsoft account, Window Live ID.

Window Live ID is your email address and password that you use to signed on any of the service provided on Window Smartphone, Xbox LIVE, Hotmail MSN, Messneger, Find My Phone, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive).  

If you’re first timer and you never register before,

==> Go to, to create an account as new user

==> Sign up with your email address and password you can remember.

==> Locate and click “Find My Phone”

==> You'll see a map with your phone's location. And you can zoom in or out to get a better view

To Find Your Lost Phone 

==> Go to, and sign in with what you've already signed up on your phone before. 

==> Locate and click on Find My Phone.

==> You'll see a map with your phone's location. And you can zoom in or out to get a better view.

To Erase your Phone

If your phone lost and discover you can’t get it back, or you’re sensitive of vital information on your phone that you want to protect, you can erase the information on your phone from there too.

Meanwhile, it is always advisable to let your mobile operator aware of your lost phone and contacts them on any other phone for support.

 How to Erase Phone Information;

==> Select phone you want to erase and click “Find My Phone”

==> Click on Erase.

==> If you're absolutely sure you want to erase, select I'm ready to erase my phone check box, and then click Erase. 

To Ring, or Lock you Phone

==> Go to, where you signed-up

==> Select the phone you want to ring back or lock, and click Find My Phone.

==> To make your phone ring, click ring and follow the instructions. Your phone will ring whether volume set to off or to vibration.

==> To lock your phone, click lock and then follow the instructions.

If you do not set up any password on your phone before, you’ll need to enter one and later you can use it to unlock if you get it back.

Hope this help!

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