Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Create “Read More” Link to Your Post


The “Read More” feature on blogger allows you to create expandable post on your blog. It helps to summaries your posts to appear as an intro with a “Read More” link. Creating read more give your visitors opportunity to click the link to continue reading more of your post. Adding “Read More” to your post help to condense your post on your homepage.

 It’s very easy to add, edit and customize it to your own design. Then, how can I create "Read More on my blog post? 

To Create “Read More” follow this steps below
==> Go to your Dashboard and Click New Post

==> Place your cursor where you want it to appear in your post.

==> Click “Insert Jump break” in your post to apply it.

And your Jump break applied in the middle of post look like this below;

And if you feel like changing the text “Read More” to your own, then follow this step;

==> Click on your Layout on your dashboard 

==> Locate “Blog Post” widget and click Edit at the edge to change Post page link text as you desire. Once you click it will bring you this;

Page Option
==> change your link text as you desire.

I hope this help you out to create “Read More…” link on your post!

Remember, that you can still edit, design and customize it in your own way. You read more post on How to Edit And Customize "Read More" Link on Blogger.
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