Getting Started With Oriflame Business

To start your Oriflame business, you need to know the products categories available in Oriflame Nigeria and you can as well order those products online once you’ve join them. Like have said, apart from travel and other benefit, all products come with 23% discounts which also return to you, and you as well have your immediate profit from your direct sales.

Here are Oriflame Products you can choose from below; 
Skin Care: under this category are daily care, sun care special care and men products.
Make-Up: Products for Eyes, Lips, Nails etc;
Body Care: Body care, Foot care, Hand care, Special Care products, Men Products, Kid &  Baby Care products all are available.
Hair: Shampoons, Conditioners,Treatment Products available here.
Fragrance: All fragrances Products specifically made for Men and Women fall on this category.
Men: All Men Products including Body spray fragrances fall under this category.
You can click here to visit the site to discover best offer. 

How Would I Start Oriflame Business

There’s a business opportunity currently open wide to help you kick-Start Oriflame Business for those who want to enjoy the business to “Make Money Today And Fulfill Your Dreams Tomorrow TM”.
To start with Orilfame, you’ll need to register as a Consultant either with your sponsor (person inviting you), or register online with Oriflame Nigeria with the following steps below;

1.     To start your register online to be an Oriflame Consultant visit: ORIFLAME, and Click on Sign-Up button.

2.     Fill in all your details require in the form display or receive by your Sponsor. If your Sponsor ID is not listed, don't worry website will automatically given you a Sponsor online immediately you registered.

3.     You’ll be charge with the fee NOW N 3,000, if you are in Nigeria for any registration fee which will be added to your orders.

4.     Once complete filling the process of the form and sign-up, you’ll then be provided with your Consultant ID to enable you to login into your website to place orders for any of the Oriflame products.

If you’re in Nigeria, you will receive your Starter Kit that contains everything you need to know to get started with Oriflame will be ship to you with your first order at Oriflame Nigeria Corporate Office.

However, if you reside in Nigeria, Lagos, you can visit Oriflame Corporate Office in Lagos to fill the registration form by your Sponsor (person who refers you) with the fees of N 3,000 and help you to pick up your Starter Kit or personally by visit Oriflame Nigeria, Lagos Corporate Office at:

43, Adeniyi Jones,
Ikeja, Lagos,
What are you waiting for? Get started immediately to start earning extra money that gives you personal fulfillment. 

Register to Start enjoyin register online and join Oriflame Opportunity Now!

Knowing that being Oriflame Consultant with your given ID number also gives you warrant to operating the Oriflame Business anywhere in the world.

Now you’re set to start making money directly with Oriflame Nigeria as a Consultant. Making money as an Oriflame Consultant is very easy and simple, but fall into two categories.

Firstly, you make money as a Sales Consultant and all your order products are in reduced prices of (23% discount on all products) and sell to customers at catalogue price to make immediate profit to yourself. 

Secondly, while you enjoy the profits to yourself, you can as well invite others to join, participate in Oriflame business and build your team which will also be an additional income to you.

More so, Oriflame Academy is always there to provide free complete range of tools and trainings to support all members who join Oriflame. Oriflame want every member to excel in Oriflame Business, and also give tips to see that people grow in their beauty business with the latest online technology, online applications, tools, and e-learning to equip yourself for success. This will enable you to invite others to join online easily and for you to place your orders online at your convenient time. 

To get started with Oriflame today! Click Join Oriflame Now to Register Online.

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