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8 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Business

 8 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Business

If you are information/internet marketer, or selling online and you want to expose your business to million, you need a social media to promote your business.

Professionally, designing a website 24/7 to market your business is good, but if you don’t create awareness to direct people to your website there won’t be any sales. Therefore, you need a social media to direct traffic to your site and promote your business even without a website.

Today, social media has been the best marketing tools to widely promote your business, reaching to millions of people out there. Many companies use these social media to increases their sales daily. 

Here’s below are the popular marketing tools you can use to promote your site: 

1.  Facebook

You might have already be using Facebook profile connecting to your friends and loves ones, but it is more than connecting to your friend  because is the best marketing tools to promote your business. What makes Facebook unique marketing tools is where every business owners advertise their products, reaching to thousands of potential customers.

Facebook allows interacting with people, display and view the products, post comment, gives room for branding and reaching to audience within the short time. Create a Facebook page account and start promoting your products increases your sales and more traffic to your website. If you don’t know how to create a facebook page, You can click to here "How to Create Facebook Fan Page Account"

2.  Twitter

Twitter is a free social media networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to send short messages up to 140 characters and tweets to anyone who follows you.

Once you start having your satisfied customers on your lists, you can then use twitter to post, and keep them inform on your latest services, and new products you want to introduce. And if your clients or customers on your compiling list agree to follows you, you’ll able to reach them with your tweets messages. 

More so, you don’t have to tweets often so you won’t lose the taste of your messages.  Instead, if you see anything interesting information you want to bring to the attention of your followers or your clients, you can tweets. So, if don’t have twitter account or username, you can choose the one you can use to start with. You need to start compiling your lists and see how twitter will promote your business and constantly having your customers attention. 

3.  Instagram

This is a social platform for sharing photo with friends, family and for serious business partners. Instagram is app for promoting personality; showcase the products and services.

Today, many companies now use Instagram to build their brand, posting photos and promote their business activities. Instagram is completely good for photos-sharing, showing of stylists, beauty, salon and hair designs. It is widely use with Smartphone or any mobile device. You can only allow to sign-up on your Smartphone mobile, once account is created, you can later be open on any PC system. Instagram can only allow displaying of building, furniture, any products in photo format. 

4.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social business networking site that has over 200million of members in various countries across the world. It is a social networking that is specifically for small business community.

LinkedIn site is purpose designed to allow registered business members to establish networking and to contact with people they can professionally help to build trust and promote one another businesses.

Today, LinkedIn is a leading professional networking that connecting business partners, classmates, friends and family together. It helps managing what prospective employers what to learn from others, promoting their profession, and find companies contacts that interest you.

More so, LinkedIn is rather than different from other social networking like facebook and Create an account, as soon as you have logged in, go straight to your profile and fill out every necessary boxes and ensuring adding (3) personal URL’s. Try and fill of your profile as much as possible so as to look like more of a regular user to the site. It is important to join with the community, create a group to follow business men and women to gain exposure to your profile. 

5.  Tumblr

This is one of my favorite sites because it allows participating and posting anything you want like photo, text, image and links.

Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows every user to post text, videos, image, links, quotes, and audio in short form. It is fully fun and customizable. Everyone can post anything not just from the browser but also from the mobile phone on the go, email and on desktop system. All to do is to set-up your account when you visit the site, fill out all the necessary information requires and you’re set to go. 

6.  Flickr

Flickr is a photo sharing and video hosting social website service. It is social networking that allows picture galleries with chatting. If you want to share your business or products photo for other users to see what you’re dealing, you can use Flickr. You can also upload video within up to three minutes. This social media tools can be use to show off your products, business both in pictures and videos. Just view the site, create your account in few minute and you’re set. If you desire for more, Google the site for the Flickr and you will be amazed to see a lot of reviews, and lists of other tools you can make your choose from it.  

7.  Skyrock

Skyrock is a social networking site that allows personal web space where one can create a blog and adding a profile with your picture. It gives free membership to the users. If you are a blogger, is a good place you can submit your blog to generate more traffic to your site.

If you have already created an account, you’ll notice that Skyrock is very easy to use and to get around with different kind of categories, meeting new people, adding your content links and chatting. You can visit the, create an account and submit all your personal details into your profile. It is a good site for submitting your blogs, adding your links, general chatting and meeting new people. 

8.  Pinterest

This is a popular social networking tool that helps people to discover the things to plan, sharing what people love or like. Pinterest is a cyber for collecting the user pin, thing they like from various online. 

Pinterest is an online pin-board, and mobile application which is use as marketing tools for sharing photos, information with other people on your website. Once you sign-up and create your account, you can add Pinterest button to your site. Adding “pin button” is opportunity to allow others to pin and share information from your website to others and that gives more exposure to your business.

Hope you find this post interesting!

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