Thursday, June 18, 2015

How To Create WebMoney Account

Webmoney is the universal payment methods for online activity.  It is one of simple way of purchasing and making payment conveniently online. I know that for majority of us who want to made payment online through webmoney, this will be an advantage to create the account and start making your payment for your internet business.

Here’s below is the simple steps to sign-up for webmoney account.
1. Go to website to sign –up

2. Click the button to sign-up and add your mobile number with your country code. If you are Nigeria, use your country code +234 with your mobile number +234802xxxxxxx
Note: Do use MTN number cost you might be disappointed with their SMS gate way.

3. After adding your GSM mobile number, click Proceed button

4. Fill your information and data correctly in the next page very well and ensure it ok before click Proceed button

5. Check your E-mail address for the code you’ll receive and copy to insert in the box provided and click on Proceed button.

6. Read the content of the page you see properly, and send the SMS as required. Make sure your SMS was delivered before pressing the Proceed button.

7. After you click on Proceed, you’ll receive a code through the SMS.

8.  Insert the code you received through sms and click on Proceed button

9. On the next page display to you, type your (sophisticated password), and enter the code you will see and press OK.

Finished, you are DONE!

You now have your WebMoney Mini Account. Log into your email address and check for your WebMoney ID.

You can now create WebMoney Dollar Purse that you will use to give to your friends, families, business partners or exchanger for funding your dollars.

The following step carefully you’ll know how to create webmoney dollar purse for funding your dollars.

1. Click on the Purse
2. You’ll see a plus sign (+), click on it.
3. Select WMZ under the currency, check box I accept the terms of agreement
4.  Click on Create
5.  After clicked create, you will get a Notification that it has successfully created.
6. Click Purse to get WMZ purse Account Number. You can only visit to login to Webmoney Mini Account.

Note: You can only transact $400 dollar in a month with your Mini Account set-up.

7. Click setting to increase your transact in the webmoney mini account.

8. Scroll down to locate Account Management Methods (WebMoney Keeper); where to see “Classic and Light.”

9. If you choose to click on “Classic or Light” you’ll be required to fill in your government issue Identity information and for WebMoney agent to activate it for you in a few days.
But Classic account requires you to download a software one you are approved.
To get more detail how to use your WebMoney Account simple on google search engine to get more detail about it.

Hope you find it simple and interesting!

Thank you.

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