Thursday, June 18, 2015

10 Tips to Promote Your Internet Business Through Blog

 Promote Your Business Through Blogging
Today, technology has improved to give us an opportunity to promote our business through the internet. To promote your business and increases your sales, you need to start blogging because that is the way to drive traffic to your internet business.

Blogging bring traffic to your online business and increases your sales? Well, that's what a blog does if you could able to drive traffic to your blog you’ll consistently increase exposure to your business. Many entrepreneur has been using blogging to attract traffic to their sales and service to their website. 

Here are some tips you can use to promote your business.
Tip 1 Consistently posting new content to your blog about your products and that what search engine required. When you frequently posting new content on your blog, your website will have higher rankings in the search engine which will expose your blog.

Tip 2 Leave and construct comments on other blogs such that readers who visited another website will wonder and visit your blog.

Tip 3 Pinging your blog every time and whenever you have a new updates. When you create new content you should visit pingomatic to sent your new content to them.

Tip 4 Giving a genuine links in your blog with other sites as this will definitely increase your readers and drive traffic more to your site.

Tip 5 Using a social media button like Google, facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr etc; on your blog for readers to freely share your contents with their friends, family and to other through the social media button, and that gain exposure to your blog.

Tip 6 Submit your blog to other search engines like Yahoo, RSS feeds, Bingo, MSN, Google Alerts, Blogpulse, Yahoo New, Ask Blogs and other directories as much as possible to increase your readers view and your blog will get indexed that lead to more traffic into your blog.

Tip 7 Promoting your business website links and refers to other blog site. The more readers you have on your blog, the more the traffic you will get into your business website.

Tip 8  Participating in relevant groups/forums like nairaland forum, warrior forum and in other network forum of like-minded people. When you participate in the forum the more exposure and traffic to your blog they click your link.

Tip 9 Register and submit your blog url page with stumbleupon  as this is the fastest and easiest way to drive more targeted readers to your blog. You will have your posts promoted on related blogs across the stumble and you will get more click from people visiting your website from stumbleupon  .

Tip 10 Choose a specific location of a country you want your blog to be well-known and let everyone know your blog through publishing on your ads, flyers, newspapers, and on other articles directories to get more visitors to your blog site.

All these tips will give you more guarantee that gives result in promoting your blog, website and  businesses. No doubt you’ll have more visitors to your website.

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