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How to Change And Customize Your Attribution On Blogger

It very important when choosing a template design that is comfortable and suitable to your blog. I discovered that some young blogger could not able to change their footer template design after choosing the template made by

I also encounter a little problem in doing this and I think there's need to review this little secret to those that will be having same issue to be a solve problem to everyone who is worry on changing their attribution and customize the footer with your own design.

 How to change And Customize Your Attribution On Blogger
Attribution is always place at the footer of every template you choose for your blog and it’s usually indicating the designer of such a template. Every design templates must have gadget in the footer and it is always locked by default, unless you know how to modify and unlock it, then you can remove and customize your attribution widget in your own style.

You footer template usually be like “Designed By Blogger Template” or “Simple Template Power by Blogger” or Awesome Inc.” and people like to customize with their own name or company name such as Copyright© 2015 or Designed by Johnson Wayn Limited, or  Copyright© 1990-2015. All Right Reserved.
You can only modify by unlocking it or completely remove to replace with your HTML code if you decide and customize it in your own way. 

Following the step below will help you out;

1: Login to your dashboard and click “Template and click on “Edit HTML”

2: Inside Edit HTML, locate: <b:widget id= ‘Attribution 1’ locked=‘true’ title=type= ‘Attribution’/> or  press (Ctr + F) search box and type name ‘Attribution’

3: Change true to ‘false’ to unlock <b:widget id= ‘Attribution 1’ locked=‘false’ title=type= ‘Attribution’/>  and click ‘Save Template’

5: Go back to your “Layout” to edit your “Attribution” by adding your text. And option to remove will now display.

 Note: You can only add your text to it and still show you like this: Designed by Ganepress Limited. Copyright© 2015 Power by Blogger”

To customize your footer to suite your design with your name, you'll to completely remove the code from “Edit HTML” and replace it with your own HTML code to look like exactly the way you want.

If you want use HTML/JAVA SCRIPT gadget, on your dashboard go to layout, firstly remove the old attribution on your layout from gadget.

To do that, click gadget to use HTML/JAVA script, insert the your code and place it where you want your footer to be and press ‘save arrangement’ button.

That’s all.

Hope you got it NOW! 

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