Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How To Add And Customize Favicon On your Blog

A favicon is small graphical logo designed that is place and display on your address browser bar of your website beside the domain name. Its show the authentic and uniqueness of your company and original owner of the site. If you’re using blogger, the small graphic picture shows on the address bar is called favicon and usually displayed in small blogger logo at the address bar of your browser when you lunch on the site. See the example below;

The favicon use must be clear and simple image. It should be the first letter of your blog’ss title or image that is relevant to your blog. Sometime people use of the image or first letter of their domain name or blog title.
Steps to Customize And Creating of Favicon
1. Your design image must be crop and adding space around the image
2.  Your design image must be in square size of 16 x 16 pixel or image
3. Save the image to use in favicon or something you can remember
Removing And Adding Your Customize Favicon Design
1. Login to your blogger dashboard and locate "LAYOUT"
2. Inside LAYOUT click on Edit at the top of your left hand side.
Adding And Removing Favicon
3. Click on "Choose file"
4. Click "Save" You're DONE!
Your favicon image will start to display within 24 hours.
If your image upload is rejecting mean you do not crop the image properly to fit the size to 16x16
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