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7 Tips to Make Money On Craigslist


Craigslist is one of the well-know site of all urban communities web today. It allows people to place an advert that relating to their various subjects, as well forum where people can talk about their various topics. Craigslist is one of the most over-looked website today with millions of visitors on the internet. It is the easiest and the most visited site, with millions of visitors daily. It’s very easy to get a lots of traffic with your postings, if it is done properly. 

The site called Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark from San Francisco in area of 1995 and was incorporated in the 1995. Since, its incorporation as of November 2006, there was over 450 cities where the Craigslist was established.

Today, the site Craigslist is now receiving of over 500,000 jobs listings each month and allowed a lot of adverts placement on the site from range of more traditional where people can buy, sell goods, placing announcements, personal adverts and other erotic service that being place as an adverts on the site.

The question is how to make money on this craigslist site. The following tips below will help you to earn a living from Craigslist.

1. Advertising 

It is certain that many people are looking for a way to make profit from either service or products that they are selling. The main reason why people like to use craigslist is that the cost of advertise is extremely affordable and know that the site comes with a large pre-existing audience.

Craigslist is now receiving around 10 million visitors lunching into the site. You will find that placing your advertisement there too will help to reach out to larger target audience than you would normally do other methods of advertising your business and, as already mentioned at much more affordable price for your advertisement. So the advertising your products or service is actually free on craigslist site.

2. Posting, And Don’t Duplicate Your Post  

Posting a related topic to job advertisement in a certain area will attract visitor to your site since now that craigslist is receiving 10 million visitors to the site each month and these generating about 4 billion pages viewed in a month. 

If you look at the postings on left side of site, you will see some of the best “links” of some the postings that has be nominated and liked by the users as being funny, interesting. This could help you to earn additional profit to your business and bring more of traffic to your site. 

Yes, Craigslist site provides you of showing your service, products, and exposing to more audience to click back to your site. Don’t postings a duplicating post because your posts or ads will be taken down. 

3. Selling affiliate Products 

If you are looking for a very easy way to earn money at home or one way other by use of internet, get involve into affiliate marketing. You need to login to craigslist site, study and read through the term of service related to affiliate marketing as this is usually not allowed. But there are other way in which you can either suggest or recommend to those use craigslist in other for them to purchase the affiliate products your are offering.

4. Use Different IPS 

One way Craigslist will know to flag your posts is by looking at the Internet Provider (IP) you are using to lunch into their site. If multiple ads are discover from the same IP, your profits will suffer. Using different IP address is way to avoid getting your ads flagged. And if you want to change your IP address is by using a proxy and you can check it out at or hidemyass, there are many of them out there. You can to know the convenient one for you.

 5. Selling Products tangible On Your Site

On the craigslist, you’ll go to the category on the site and submit your post related to what you’re offered for sales along with the price you offer for it. The more people visiting the site, the more visitors it bring to you.

 6. Catch The Interest Of the Readers 

It very important catches the readers’ interest and this will give much higher chance of getting an email from them, or getting click on your links. Avoiding of long links or ads rather make your ads short and this is only way you can help to catch their curiosity.

One of the easiest ways that will also affect not make money from craigslist is posting something that is blatantly spamming such as placing invalid links or making statement like “Hello there guys…check my site ok,…it’s the best!!!! Yeah check it here” you might like be banned and your earning will as well lost.

7. Persistence, Don’t Ever Give Up 

There’s nothing come easy but you have to be focus and perseverance. Give it up is the easiest way to stop you from not making money online. You can do it once even as many time, but when finally the first sale you’ll the fill within.

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