WhatsApp Now Allow Sharing Of Document Files

WhatsApp Now Allow Sharing Of document Files

Recently, this year WhatsApp was updated with some of the new features such as, sending GIF videos and pictures, creating GIF video, search menu, enable two verification security and others. But mean while in the processed of some of those new features embedded, sharing of files were suppose to have been function but was still testing this feature in the beta version app of WhatsApp.

Today, the company has done with the testing of files sharing feature and is now available to use in the version Android. WhatsApp now allow users to share document file on Smartphone. You can check the Google Play Store listing that says “You can send documents of any type. To send a document, you open a chat, tap attach – document” Aside this, other features is also embedded to enable users enjoying using WhatsApp for better communication. Users can now quickly access to emoji search, easily use of bold, strikethrough and italicize of typing word, and also enable in-app camera swipe up to see all personal videos and photos.

If all this features were not enable on your WhatsApp, mean you are still using outdated version app of WhatsApp, and sharing of files feature may not enable. But if sharing of file feature is not function on your own lastest version, we suggest you wait as it will take some time for this feature reach all users and added to the stable version of your WhatsApp for Android.

However, if your WhatsApp is working with the new latest version, you can test run the feature of sharing file on your WhatsApp by sending documents file.

Sharing file on WhatsApp is restricted to some sizes which users could be allowing share a document. Android users can share document with the maximum size of 100MB, for iOS file size sharing is 128MB and if you are using Window Smartphone sharing of file size allow is 104 MB and for WhatsApp Web/Desktop 64MB file.

 More so, you can verify this feature to ensure, if it is enable on your own version of your WhatsApp and if not yet function you can update the version of your WhatsApp to enable features.




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